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T. Duncan, A. Fairlie, Richard E. Turner, and David E. Siskind

OCTOBER 1994 FAIRLIE ET AL. 2363Transport Characteristics of a Finite-Difference Dynamics Model Combined with a Spectral Transport Model of the Middle Atmosphere T. DUNCAN A. FAIRLIEScience and Technology Corporation, Hampton, Virginia RICHARD E. TURNER AND DAVID E. SISKIND*NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia(Manuscript received 29 September 1993, in final form 28

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R. Alan Plumb

M^v 1982 R. ALAN PLUMB 983Zonally Symmetric Hough Modes and Meridional Circulations in the Middle Atmosphere R. ALAN PLUMBCSIRO Division of Atmospheric Physics, Aspendale 3195, Australia(Manuscript received 2 July 1981; in final form 11 January 1982) ABSTRACT The structure of the. mer.idional circulation driven by steady, zonally symmetric thermal or mechanicalforcing

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James R. Holton

OCTOBER 1983 JAMES R. HOLTON 2497The Influence of Gravity Wave Breaking on the General Circulation of the Middle Atmosphere~ JAMES R. HOLTONDepartment of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle, W.4 98195(Manuscript received 13 April 1983, in final form I July 1983) ABSTRACT The zonal mean solstice circulation of the global

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Colin O. Hines

The Saturation of Gravity Waves in the Middle Atmosphere.Part II: Development of Doppler-Spread Theory COLIN O. HINESArecibo Observatory, Arecibo, Puerto Rico(Manuscript received 28 May 1990, in final form 21 December 1990) The irregular winds of the middle atmosphere are commonly attributed to an upwardly propagating systemof atmospheric gravity waves. Their one-dimensional (in vertical wavenumber m) power spectrum has beenreported to exhibit a nearly universal behavior in its

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Donal O'Sullivan and Timothy J. Dunkerton

3706 IOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES VOL. 51, NO. 24Seasonal Development of the Extratropicai QBO in a Numerical Model of the Middle Atmosphere DONAL O'SULLIVAN AND TIMOTHY J. DUNKERTON Northwest Research Associates, Bellevue, Washington (Manuscript received 8 November 1993, in final form 4 May 1994) ABSTRACT The seasonal (wintertime) development of middle

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Matthew Newman, Gerald Schubert, Arvydas J. Kliore, and Indu R. Patel

VOL. 41, NO. 12 JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES 15 JUNE 1984Zonal Winds in the Middle Atmosphere of Venusfrom Pioneer Venus Radio Occultation Data~ MATTHEW NEWMANDepartment of Atmospheric Sciences, AK-40, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 98195 GERALD SCHUBERTDepartment of Earth and Space Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles, CA 90024 ARVYDAS J. KLIORE

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Isamu Hirota

FESRUAa'~ 1979 ISAMU HIROTA 217Kelvin Waves in the Equatorial Middle Atmosphere Observed by the Nimbus 5' SCR ISAM~J HIROTAGeophysical Institute, Kyoto University, Kyoto 606, Japan(Manuscript received 6 September 1978, in final form 30 October 1978) ABSTRACT The structure and behavior of Kelvin waves in the equatorial upper

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564.. __ - ... " - .~, .. ..MONTHLY WEATHER REVIEW Vol. 99, No. 7UDC 161.616.8:161.~.2:161.~ RESPONSE OF A MIDDLE-LATITUDE MODEL ATMOSPHERE TO FORCINGBY TOPOGRAPHY AND STATIONARY HEAT SOURCES JACQUES DEROMEMeteorological Service of Canada, Montreal, QuebecA. WIIN-NIELSENDepartment of Meteorology and Oceanography, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.ABSTRACT The middle-latitude standing wave problem is investigated by means of a quasi-geostrophic, linear, steady

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D. Rind, D. Shindell, P. Lonergan, and N. K. Balachandran

, planetary wave propagation, and position of tropospheric troughs and ridges. Rind et al. (1992) related lower-stratospheric volcanic warming to a reduction in the tropospheric Hadley circulation. Rind and Balachandran (1995) found that quasi-biennial oscillation (QBO) and UV variations impacted the troposphere in the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) Global Climate Middle Atmosphere Model (GCMAM) by changing tropospheric planetary wave generation and propagation. Kodera and Chiba (1995

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Ellis E. Remsberg, Kenneth V. Haggard, and James M. Russell III

OCTOBER 1990 REMSBERG, HAGGARD AND RUSSELL 689Estimation of Synoptic Fields of Middle Atmosphere Parameters from Nimbus-7 LIMS Profile DataELLIS E. REMSBERG, KENNETH V. HAGGARD AND JAMES M. RUSSELL III Atmospheric Sciences Division, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia (Manuscript received 7 June 1989, in final form 27 March 1990)ABSTRACT The most widely used version of the Nimbus-7 LIMS middle

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