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Jielun Sun, Larry Mahrt, Carmen Nappo, and Donald H. Lenschow

with height, especially under the influence of longwave radiative cooling of the ground at night, IGWs are sometimes ducted within the lower atmosphere for many cycles (e.g., Rees and Rottman 1994 ; Chimonas 2002 ; Fritts et al. 2003 ; Meillier et al. 2008 ). Wavelike motions in the NBL are also likely initiated by shear instability; these motions are called vorticity waves by Carpenter et al. (2013) based on their generation mechanism. Atmospheric conditions that may trigger wavelike motions

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Ronald G. Prinn

1386 JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES VOLUME34On the Radiative Damping of Atmospheric Waves RONALD G. P~Department of Meteorology, Massackusetts Institute of Tezknology, Cambridge 02139(Manuscript received 8 February 1977, in revised form 23 3/lay 1977)ABSTRACT General expressions for computing time constants for radiative decay of harmonic temperature perturbations in planetary atmospheres are

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P. Alexander and A. de la Torre

profiles (of whatever atmospheric variable) are usually not obtained on strictly or nearly horizontal or vertical directions. Because essentially all techniques depart from horizontal or vertical sounding lines, the detected wavelengths must be distinguished from the original Cartesian horizontal or vertical ones and appropriately reconstructed according to wave constant phase surfaces’ orientation and the sounding direction (a simple two-dimensional example is shown in Fig. 1 , where two soundings

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Stephen D. Eckermann

-spreading effects could also explain the formation of M −3 spectra within the atmosphere. Rather than attempting to adapt the complex models of oceanic wave dynamics to the atmosphere, Hines (1991b , 1993b) pursued an atmospheric theory by first developing a statistical model of Doppler-spread interactions among atmospheric gravity waves. This Doppler-spreading model was then combined with models of incident (unspread) wave-field spectra to derive Doppler spread fluctuation spectra ( Hines 1991b , 1993b

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Michael J. Ventrice, Christopher D. Thorncroft, and Carl J. Schreck III

, a period of favorable environmental conditions might only last for a few days and still yield a tropical cyclone. These subseasonal periods of favorable conditions might be provided by convectively coupled equatorial atmospheric Kelvin waves (CCKWs). CCKWs are eastward-propagating atmospheric waves that are found to substantially modulate tropical rainfall on synoptic spatial and temporal scales ( Gruber 1974 ; Zangvil 1975 ; Takayabu 1994 ; Wheeler and Kiladis 1999 ; Wheeler et al. 2000

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Yanjuan Guo, Duane E. Waliser, and Xianan Jiang

. Oceanography , 27 , 116 – 125 , doi: 10.5670/oceanog.2014.73 . Houze , R. A. , Jr. , 2004 : Mesoscale convective systems. Rev. Geophys., 42, RG4003 , doi: 10.1029/2004RG000150 . Houze , R. A. , Jr. , S. S. Chen , D. E. Kingsmill , Y. Serra , and S. E. Yuter , 2000 : Convection over the Pacific warm pool in relation to the atmospheric Kelvin–Rossby wave . J. Atmos. Sci. , 57 , 3058 – 3089 , doi: 10.1175/1520-0469(2000)057<3058:COTPWP>2.0.CO;2 . Huang , P. , C. Chou , and R

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Teddie L. Keller

I JULY 1994 KELLER 1915Implications of the Hydrostatic Assumption on Atmospheric Gravity Waves TEDDIE L. KELLERNational Center for Atmospheric Research, * Boulder, Colorado(Manuscript received 25 March 1993, in final form 23 November 1993) ABSTRACT The validity of the hydrostatic approximation is examined for use in predicting the dynamics

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Sonja Gisinger, Andreas Dörnbrack, Vivien Matthias, James D. Doyle, Stephen D. Eckermann, Benedikt Ehard, Lars Hoffmann, Bernd Kaifler, Christopher G. Kruse, and Markus Rapp

1. Introduction The overarching objectives of the Deep Propagating Gravity Wave Experiment (DEEPWAVE; see appendix A for a list of key acronyms used in this paper) were to observe, model, understand, and predict the deep vertical propagation of internal gravity waves from the troposphere to the lower thermosphere and to study their impacts on the atmospheric momentum and energy budget ( Fritts et al. 2016 ). Convection, fronts, flow over mountains, and spontaneous adjustments occurring at the

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Christopher C. Walker and Gudrun Magnusdottir

possible. Cook and Held (1992 , hereafter CH92) used a low-resolution (R15) aquaplanet GCM, forced with annual-mean solar radiation, to investigate the role of nonlinearities on orographically forced planetary waves. CH92 did not find any evidence of reflection, but suggested that the background flow and the coarse resolution of the model may have underestimated the potential for nonlinear reflection. Here we examine nonlinear wave reflection in an atmospheric GCM, building on our earlier more

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domain of meteorology has no easier, more interesting, or more promising aspect for observation and study than clouds.ATMOSPHERIC WAVES.liy F. THEY.~.\lrslr~ct~d :rom .V ~c o r o l r ~' l w h c ZcllSChrijt, vol. 26, pp. 25-28, 1919.1'l'his note prrvonts thc results of a study, by means of liitHs equi pod icith nieteorogmphs, of the conditions inthe neigh I! orhood of cloud strata, 011 days when thereWT(! rcsciit u-ell-do fined alternating bands of cloud. 'rhn oi!sc?ruations \vert: carried out, at the

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