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Craig R. Ferguson, Eric F. Wood, and Raghuveer K. Vinukollu

(e.g., steps) in the time series due in part to changes in satellite sensors and retrieval algorithms (i.e., TOVS, 1998–2001). A review of their results ( Vinukollu et al. 2011a , their Fig. 6) suggests that SRB, and particularly the combination of SRB radiation components/quality control used herein (see above), yields the most internally consistent (in terms of its components) estimate of R n . 3) AIRS lifting condensation level The AIRS provides high-accuracy retrievals of atmospheric

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Ruth E. Comer and Martin J. Best

changes, it is unsurprising that the precipitation changes are different to the evaporation changes ( Figs. 7c,d ). On average, precipitation over land is increased by 0.009 mm day −1 . Similarly to the previous section, we do not see an obvious connection between the difference pattern in the soil moisture–evaporation coupling diagnostic [Ω E (S) − Ω E (W); Fig. 7e ] and the difference pattern in β . It is curious that the increase in eastern Brazil due to the algorithm correction ( Fig. 6e ) is

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Agustín Robles-Morua, Enrique R. Vivoni, and Alex S. Mayer

relations between ET and surface soil moisture ( θ S ) in Fig. 11 . For clarity, these are shown as the piecewise linear regressions of the total ET and daily averaged θ S obtained at the scale of each subbasin for the GAUGES and NLDAS ADJ scenarios. Piecewise regressions of the ET– θ S relation are obtained using a nonlinear optimization algorithm ( Vivoni et al. 2008 ) and describe how water limitations in soils influence losses to the atmosphere ( Rodríguez-Iturbe and Porporato 2004 ). For each

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Xubin Zeng, Zhuo Wang, and Aihui Wang

temperature and fluxes . J. Climate , 11 , 537 – 550 . Zeng, X. , and Wang A. , 2007 : Consistent parameterization of roughness length and displacement height for sparse and dense canopies in land models . J. Hydrometeor. , 8 , 730 – 737 . Zeng, X. , Zhao M. , and Dickinson R. E. , 1998 : Intercomparison of bulk aerodynamic algorithms for the computation of sea surface fluxes using the TOGA COARE and TAO data . J. Climate , 11 , 2628 – 2644 . Zeng, X. , Shaikh M. , Dai Y

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Keith J. Harding and Peter K. Snyder

interactions. Part II: Feedbacks within the continental United States . J. Hydrometeor. , 4 , 570 – 583 . Friedl, M. , and Coauthors , 2002 : Global land cover mapping from MODIS: Algorithms and early results . Remote Sens. Environ. , 83 , 287 – 302 . Gregory, J. M. , Mitchell J. F. B. , and Brady A. J. , 1997 : Summer drought in northern midlatitudes in a time-dependent CO 2 climate experiment . J. Climate , 10 , 662 – 686 . Harding, K. J. , and Snyder P. K. , 2012 : Modeling the

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