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Jeanne M. Thibeault and Anji Seth

agricultural land. Precipitation amounts are moderate and consistent throughout the annual cycle ( Sabbagh and Bryson 1962 ; Leathers et al. 2000 ). Perhaps because precipitation is generally reliable, relatively little research has been done to examine northeast-region warm-season precipitation at the regional scale. Yet, the northeast region is sensitive to variations in water quality and availability and is known to experience periods of flooding and drought ( Leathers et al. 2000 ; Hayhoe et al. 2007

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Justin Sheffield, Suzana J. Camargo, Rong Fu, Qi Hu, Xianan Jiang, Nathaniel Johnson, Kristopher B. Karnauskas, Seon Tae Kim, Jim Kinter, Sanjiv Kumar, Baird Langenbrunner, Eric Maloney, Annarita Mariotti, Joyce E. Meyerson, J. David Neelin, Sumant Nigam, Zaitao Pan, Alfredo Ruiz-Barradas, Richard Seager, Yolande L. Serra, De-Zheng Sun, Chunzai Wang, Shang-Ping Xie, Jin-Yi Yu, Tao Zhang, and Ming Zhao

features. The third part ( Maloney et al. 2013 , manuscript submitted to J. Climate hereafter Part III) describes the projected changes for the twenty-first century. The CMIP5 provides an unprecedented collection of climate model output data for the assessment of future climate projections as well as evaluations of climate models for contemporary climate, the attribution of observed climate change, and improved understanding of climate processes and feedbacks. As such, these data contribute to the

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Brian A. Colle, Zhenhai Zhang, Kelly A. Lombardo, Edmund Chang, Ping Liu, and Minghua Zhang

et al. 2012 ), which provides a unique multimodel framework for assessing future climate change and the mechanisms responsible for model differences. The CMIP5 data are available at 6-h intervals, which for the first time allows for the tracking of cyclones in a multimodel framework. There is a historical period from the mid-nineteenth century to 2005 forced by observed atmospheric composition changes (reflecting both anthropogenic and natural sources) and time-evolving land cover. Each of the

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