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Ali H. Omar, David M. Winker, Mark A. Vaughan, Yongxiang Hu, Charles R. Trepte, Richard A. Ferrare, Kam-Pui Lee, Chris A. Hostetler, Chieko Kittaka, Raymond R. Rogers, Ralph E. Kuehn, and Zhaoyan Liu

values of 70 and 30 sr, respectively. The S a measurements by Ansmann et al. (2001) at Sagres, an island off the Portuguese coast, for pollution emanating from continental Europe varied between 50 and 70 sr. During Indian Ocean Experiment (INDOEX) measurements, S a values of polluted continental aerosol originating from northern and northeastern India, known for high emissions of black carbon, were made by Franke et al. (2001) . They found values ranging from 49 to 70 sr. Cattrall et al

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Zhaoyan Liu, Mark Vaughan, David Winker, Chieko Kittaka, Brian Getzewich, Ralph Kuehn, Ali Omar, Kathleen Powell, Charles Trepte, and Chris Hostetler

Fig. 5 and Table 3 , ∼83% of aerosols and ∼95% of clouds have a CAD score magnitude greater than 70, which corresponds to the “high” confidence category ( Table 2 ), indicating that clouds and aerosols are well separated. An example of the CALIOP cloud and aerosol discrimination is given in Fig. 6 . The data were acquired by CALIOP on 27 June 2007 from a nighttime orbit across central and southern Europe and North Africa. In this scene, a spatially extensive Saharan dust layer of moderate

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Kathleen A. Powell, Chris A. Hostetler, Mark A. Vaughan, Kam-Pui Lee, Charles R. Trepte, Raymond R. Rogers, David M. Winker, Zhaoyan Liu, Ralph E. Kuehn, William H. Hunt, and Stuart A. Young

calibration coefficient C ⊥ is Hence, the estimated random error in C ⊥ is 6. Discussion Planned algorithm enhancements (or upgrades or improvements) include the addition of a stratospheric aerosol model into the calibration process. This model will likely be based on analysis of data from CALIOP and from Global Ozone Monitoring by Occultation of Stars (GOMOS), one of the three instruments dedicated to atmospheric composition sounding on board the European Space Agency (ESA

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