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Young-Hee Ryu, James A. Smith, Mary Lynn Baeck, Luciana K. Cunha, Elie Bou-Zeid, and Witold Krajewski

vapor flux, and thermodynamic properties focus on this scale. It has been well documented that flooding events in the central United States are concentrated in late spring and early summer ( Wang and Chen 2009 ; Villarini et al. 2011a , b ; Smith et al. 2013 ) and that water vapor transported from the tropics is an important moisture source for precipitation and thus flooding events ( Rasmusson 1967 , 1968 , 1971 ; Trenberth and Guillemot 1996 ; Dirmeyer and Kinter 2010 ; Lavers and Villarini

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Felipe Quintero, Witold F. Krajewski, Ricardo Mantilla, Scott Small, and Bong-Chul Seo

discharge relationship q ( t ) (m 3 s −1 ), water ponded on hillslope surface s p ( t ) (m), and effective water depth in hillslope subsurface s s ( t ) (m). The mass transport equation for each channel link in the network is given by where υ c is the channel flow velocity assumed to be constant in space and time, l is the channel link length, A h is the area of the hillslope, q pc is the flux that moves water from the water ponded on the surface to the channel and is defined by q pc = k

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Di Wu, Christa Peters-Lidard, Wei-Kuo Tao, and Walter Petersen

.g., because of the presence of an upper-level trough and advection of potential vorticity). Numerous efforts have been undertaken to improve the warm season precipitation forecast (e.g., Gallus 1999 ; Gallus and Segal 2000 ; Carbone et al. 2002 ). Studies have demonstrated that choosing the convective scheme strongly affects simulated precipitation (e.g., Wang and Seaman 1997 ; Gallus 1999 ). Convective schemes are designed with different assumptions (e.g., mass flux and moisture adjustment) and are

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Huan Wu, Robert F. Adler, Yudong Tian, Guojun Gu, and George J. Huffman

. Union , 89 , 93 – 94 , doi: 10.1029/2008EO100001 . Liang , X. , D. P. Lettenmaier , E. F. Wood , and S. J. Burges , 1994 : A simple hydrologically based model of land surface water and energy fluxes for GSMs . J. Geophys. Res. , 99 , 14 415 – 14 428 , doi: 10.1029/94JD00483 . Liang , X. , E. F. Wood , and D. P. Lettenmaier , 1996 : Surface soil moisture parameterization of the VIC-2L model: Evaluation and modifications . Global Planet. Change , 13 , 195 – 206 , doi: 10

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Evan J. Coopersmith, Michael H. Cosh, Walt A. Petersen, John Prueger, and James J. Niemeier

and to update the results generated (e.g., Lin et al. 1994 ). Some of these hydrologic models adopt grid-based structures to facilitate distribution of model results over a larger watershed (e.g., Mas et al. 1995 ). More recent works have integrated hydrologic water balance models forced by precipitation and energy flux measured at in situ gauges to produce watershed-scale estimates ( Stillman et al. 2014 ). These analyses are illustrative, but ultimately, the cost of in situ sensors impedes the

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