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Gemma T. Narisma and Andrew J. Pitman

), thus the conductance and LAI are coupled in GEMTM. More details on GEMTM and its application and validation at the First International Satellite Land Surface Climatology Project (ISLSCP) Field Experiment (FIFE) sites can be found in Chen and Coughenor ( Chen and Coughenor, 1994 ). Briefly, we note that Chen and Coughenor ( Chen and Coughenor, 1994 ) showed that GEMTM was able to simulate changes in net CO 2 flux, canopy resistance, plant water potential, and canopy and soil-surface temperature

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Jeffrey A. Hicke, David B. Lobell, and Gregory P. Asner

the amount of carbon transferred from the atmosphere to plants, as reflected in changes in production, therefore increase the flux to longer-term soil carbon pools. Larger C fluxes to soil potentially speed the recovery of C in agricultural soils, which has implications for mitigating future sources and sinks of C in the United States. Another possible fate is related to the harvested mass. This mass could be consumed and respired locally, or it could be transported across the country or exported

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Christopher Potter, Pusheng Zhang, Steven Klooster, Vanessa Genovese, Shashi Shekhar, and Vipin Kumar

represents the gross monthly atmospheric input of water to that basin. A portion of this gross PREC input flux is lost back to the atmosphere within the same month as PET flux, resulting in a net atmospheric input water flux to the basin area, computed as PREC − PET with a minimum monthly value of zero. We computed monthly PET flux from air surface temperature ( New et al., 2000 ) according to the method of Thornthwaite ( Thornthwaite, 1948 ), as documented in Potter and Klooster ( Potter and Klooster

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Christopher Small

from the impact of low-density agricultural land use. On a global basis, urban land use may be areally insignificant, but at local and regional scales the large material and energy fluxes associated with urban areas have a disproportionate impact on microclimate and ecosystem function (e.g., Berry, 1990 ; Landsberg, 1981 ). Regional analyses have demonstrated that urban NO x emissions are volumetrically significant enough to have an adverse impact on regional agricultural productivity

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Martin-Pierre Lavigne, Alain N. Rousseau, Richard Turcotte, Anne-Marie Laroche, Jean-Pierre Fortin, and Jean-Pierre Villeneuve

. Elliot , B. Toth , and N. Hedstrom . 1997 . Hydrological pathways in the Prince Albert Model Forest:. Final report. Environnement Canada, National Hydrology Research Institute; Sasketoon, Saskatchewan, Contribution Series No. CS-97004, 133 pp . Priestley , C. H. B. and R. J. Taylor . 1972 . On the assessment of surface heat flux and evaporation using large scale parameters. Mon. Weather Rev 100 : 81 – 92 . Rousseau , A. N. , A. Mailhot , R. Turcotte , M. Duchemin , C

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