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Steven E. Koch, Cyrille Flamant, James W. Wilson, Bruce M. Gentry, and Brian D. Jamison

-level jet. This interaction resulted in the generation of a bore by 0300 UTC, and soon thereafter, a solitary wave train became apparent ( Fig. 3 ), because no discernible temperature contrast could be found across the boundary. The S-Pol detected five to seven waves with an average horizontal wavelength of 10.5 km as the soliton approached the Homestead vicinity ( Fig. 4 ). The vertical structure of the soliton seen in RHI displays of reflectivity and radial velocity ( Fig. 5 ) is indicative of trapped

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Thierry Leblanc, I. Stuart McDermid, and Robin A. Aspey

validation of satellite measurements, the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change (NDACC, formerly known as NDSC) has recently considered including the water vapor measurements using Raman lidar in its suite of long-term measurements. A high-capability water vapor Raman lidar was therefore built at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Table Mountain Facility (TMF) in California (34.4°N, 117.5°W, elevation 2285 m), with the overall objective of measuring water vapor to the upper

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Reginald J. Hill, W. Alan Brewer, and Sara C. Tucker

. , Hare J. E. , Fairall C. W. , Wolfe D. E. , Hill R. J. , Brewer W. A. , and White A. B. , 2006 : Structure and formation of the highly stable marine boundary layer over the Gulf of Maine. J. Geophys. Res. , 111 . D23S22, doi:10.1029/2006JD007465 . Banta, R. , Newsom R. , Lundquist J. , Pichugina Y. , Coulter R. , and Mahrt L. , 2002 : Nocturnal low-level jet characteristics over Kansas during CASES-99. Bound.-Layer Meteor. , 105 , 221 – 252 . 10.1023/A:1019992330866

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Rod Frehlich, Yannick Meillier, and Michael L. Jensen

Smalikho I. N. , 1997 : Estimation of the turbulence energy dissipation rate from pulsed Doppler lidar data. Atmos. Oceanic Opt. , 10 , 957 – 965 . Banta, R. M. , Pichugina Y. L. , and Newsom R. K. , 2003 : Relationship between low-level jet properties and turbulence kinetic energy in the nocturnal stable boundary layer. J. Atmos. Sci. , 60 , 2549 – 2555 . 10.1175/1520-0469(2003)060<2549:RBLJPA>2.0.CO;2 Banta, R. M. , Pichugina Y. L. , and Brewer W. A. , 2006 : Turbulent

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