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A. M. Treguier, C. Lique, J. Deshayes, and J. M. Molines

over the x axis. (bottom) The maximum velocity is shifted to the right of the maximum tracer gradient and there is a net positive eddy flux integrated across the jet, as simulated by ORCA12. A simple kinematic model demonstrates that a spatial shift between temperature and velocity can produce such a net positive eddy heat flux in a meandering jet. We consider a Gaussian jet with velocity υ : The direction x is perpendicular to the jet axis, υ 0 is the velocity amplitude, and L is the jet

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Thomas Meunier, Claire Ménesguen, Richard Schopp, and Sylvie Le Gentil

in the model. d. The tracer advection model To study the advective properties of the vortex lens, tracer experiments were performed using the stationary mean flow field described by Eq. (1) . Advecting the tracer in a stationary velocity field forbids any dynamical process from taking place. It allows us to study the effect of the mean flow on the tracer from a kinematic point of view. The tracer model used is based on the tangent linear version of the QG model described in the last section. It

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Thomas Meunier, Enric Pallàs Sanz, Miguel Tenreiro, José Ochoa, Angel Ruiz Angulo, and Christian Buckingham

masses and their diffusive stability: spiciness . Prog. Oceanogr. , 54 , 493 – 501 , . 10.1016/S0079-6611(02)00065-4 Forristall , G. Z. , K. J. Schaudt , and C. K. Cooper , 1992 : Evolution and kinematics of a loop current eddy in the Gulf of Mexico during 1985 . J. Geophys. Res. , 97 , 2173 – 2184 , . 10.1029/91JC02905 Garau , B. , S. Ruiz , W. G. Zhang , A. Pascual , E. Heslop , J

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