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Ali H. Omar, David M. Winker, Mark A. Vaughan, Yongxiang Hu, Charles R. Trepte, Richard A. Ferrare, Kam-Pui Lee, Chris A. Hostetler, Chieko Kittaka, Raymond R. Rogers, Ralph E. Kuehn, and Zhaoyan Liu

S a value of 28 ± 5 sr. Note that most AERONET “oceanic” sites are actually land based and are not free from terrestrial and anthropogenic influences. In the SEAS experiment, the S a value is measured directly (optical method) or modeled (using measured size distributions). The optical method, using a 180° backscatter nephelometer, an integrating nephelometer, and an absorption photometer, yields a value of S a = 25.4 ± 3.5 sr. The modeled values are 20.3 sr (at 532 nm) using direct size

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David M. Winker, Mark A. Vaughan, Ali Omar, Yongxiang Hu, Kathleen A. Powell, Zhaoyan Liu, William H. Hunt, and Stuart A. Young

remaining pixels in the swath extending to 30 km on either side. The infrared imaging radiometer is a three-channel instrument with a spatial resolution of 1 km and a swath of 61 km. Both swaths are centered on the lidar footprint to provide a view of the atmosphere surrounding the lidar curtain. Aerosols are now being observed from space using a variety of passive techniques relying on scattered sunlight, with some measurement series extending more than 20 yr ( King et al. 1999 ). Remote sensing of

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William H. Hunt, David M. Winker, Mark A. Vaughan, Kathleen A. Powell, Patricia L. Lucker, and Carl Weimer

was built by Alcatel under contract to CNES. The payload combines an active lidar instrument (CALIOP) with passive infrared and visible imagers ( Winker et al. 2003 ). CALIOP is the third lidar launched by NASA to study the earth’s atmosphere from space, having been preceded by the Lidar In-Space Technology Experiment (LITE), launched in September 1994 on STS-64 ( Winker et al. 1996 ), and the Geoscience Laser Altimeter System (GLAS), launched in December 2002 on the Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation

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