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Rui M. Ponte and Sergey V. Vinogradov

single-layer, so-called barotropic, models under the assumption that stratification is a second-order effect in the dynamics. Their success in explaining the basic characteristics of the observed sea level variability (e.g., Le Provost 2001 ; Carrère and Lyard 2003 ) speaks for the validity of that assumption. However, as observations and models continue to improve, the subtle effects of density stratification begin to gain more prominence. One clear role of stratification was highlighted by the

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A. Köhl, D. Stammer, and B. Cornuelle

across isopycnals from 28 to 26 σ t . Basin-wide exchanges of up to 15 Sv are limited to densities above 26 σ t . This loop reaches across the entire Atlantic basin from the ACC to 60°N, transforming water from about 26.5 σ t to 27.5 σ t ; the southward returning water leaves the Atlantic at a density of close to 27.8 σ t . Figure 9 shows transport time series of the Gulf Stream and the Deep Western Boundary Current, both evaluated at 43°N. Note that the model’s Gulf Stream transport (the sum

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Lee-Lueng Fu

. Desai , J. Dorandeu , M. Ablain , B. Soussi , P. S. Callahan , and , 2003 : Jason-1 geophysical performance evaluation. Mar. Geod. , 26 , 167 – 186 . Waliser , D. E. , R. Murtugudde , and L. E. Lucas , 2003 : Indo-Pacific Ocean response to atmospheric intraseasonal variability: 1. Austral summer and the Madden–Julian Oscillation. J. Geophys. Res. , 108 . 3160, doi:1029/2002JC001620 . Wunsch , C. , 1977 : Response of an equatorial ocean to a periodic monsoon. J

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