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Matthias Grzeschik, Hans-Stefan Bauer, Volker Wulfmeyer, Dirk Engelbart, Ulla Wandinger, Ina Mattis, Dietrich Althausen, Ronny Engelmann, Matthias Tesche, and Andrea Riede

technique are possible during daytime and nighttime ( Turner et al. 2002 ). 1) RAMSES in Lindenberg Since the summer of 2005, the DWD has run the Raman lidar for Atmospheric Moisture Sensing (RAMSES) at MOL in Lindenberg. RAMSES supplies quasi-operational, high-precision water vapor profiles both for climate monitoring of the troposphere [e.g., in the frame of the Global Water Vapor Project (GVaP; Randel et al. 1999 )] and as a reference for the assessment and validation of new ground-based and

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Steven E. Koch, Cyrille Flamant, James W. Wilson, Bruce M. Gentry, and Brian D. Jamison

the boundary layer act as strong focusing agents for triggering new convection or, at times, enhancing existing storms. For this reason, low-level convergence boundaries and associated fields of moisture were a focus in IHOP_2002. Of particular interest in the current study are the convergence zones associated with density currents, bores, and solitons ( Doviak and Ge 1984 ; Droegemeier and Wilhelmson 1985 ; Wilson and Schreiber 1986 ; Mueller and Carbone 1987 ; Karyampudi et al. 1995 ; Koch

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Ronny Engelmann, Ulla Wandinger, Albert Ansmann, Detlef Müller, Egidijus Žeromskis, Dietrich Althausen, and Birgit Wehner

1. Introduction The vertical exchange of sensible heat (temperature), latent heat (moisture), particles, and trace gases between the surface and the lower troposphere has a strong influence on weather and climate and atmospheric composition, as well as on smog and haze conditions at the ground. Vertical exchange depends in a complicated way on surface characteristics and meteorological conditions in the planetary boundary layer (PBL). The mechanisms within the PBL and in the entrainment zone

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V. Bellantone, I. Carofalo, F. De Tomasi, M. R. Perrone, M. Santese, A. M. Tafuro, and A. Turnone

-backscatter lidar for vertical profiling of moisture, aerosols extinction, backscatter, and lidar ratio. Appl. Phys. , 55B , 18 – 28 . Avila, A. , Queralt-Mitjans I. , and Alarc M. , 1997 : Mineralogical composition of African dust delivered by red rains over the northeastern Spain. J. Geophys. Res. , 102 , 21977 – 21996 . 10.1029/97JD00485 Bardouki, H. , and Coauthors , 2003 : Chemical composition of size-resolved atmospheric aerosols in the eastern Mediterranean during summer and winter

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Danny E. Scipión, Phillip B. Chilson, Evgeni Fedorovich, and Robert D. Palmer

. Correspondingly, there are 200 × 200 × 200 grid points. The time discretization is 1 s. The following external parameters were assigned during the run: the free-atmosphere horizontal wind was set to 5 m s −1 in the x direction and 0 m s −1 in the y direction; the free-atmosphere potential temperature gradient was 0.004 K m −1 ; and the surface kinematic heat flux, surface kinematic moisture flux, and surface roughness length were 0.2 K m s −1 , 10 −4 m s −1 , and 0.01 m, respectively. A subset of the

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