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John Marshall, David Ferreira, J-M. Campin, and Daniel Enderton

climatology, has been integrated out for 4000 yr to a quasi-equilibrium [abyssal temperatures are drifting by ∼0.1°C (100 yr) −1 ], which has no knowledge of the initial conditions. We now describe the mean state of the coupled model obtained by averaging fields over the final 100 yr of the integration. a. Mean state 1) Distribution of temperature, moisture, salt, winds, and currents Figure 2a (top left) shows the zonal average potential temperature in the atmosphere. We see a tropical region of weak

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Thomas Jung and Peter B. Rhines

much of Greenland, and its massive ice cap, a remnant of the last glaciation, is a monument to poleward atmospheric moisture flux, which is concentrated in the Atlantic sector at these latitudes. With a height averaging about 1.5 km and reaching greater than 3.5 km, roughly the 650-hPa level, and with relatively high volume and steep southern termination, its potential effect on the general circulation is great. Yet, lying between 60° and 83°N latitude, it is north of the maximum zonally averaged

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