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Wanli Wu, Amanda H. Lynch, Sheldon Drobot, James Maslanik, A. David McGuire, and Ute Herzfeld

consider the first 2 yr of the simulation to be model spinup, the analysis and comparison in this study were focused on the last 10 yr of the simulation. The model outputs all meteorological variables, including radiative fluxes, evapotranspiration, and runoff, that are necessary for estimating surface water and energy budgets and for driving hydrologic and ecological models over the Western Arctic. Output is produced at 3-h temporal resolution and 50-km spatial resolution. 2.2. Datasets The datasets

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J. S. Kimball, M. Zhao, A. D. McGuire, F. A. Heinsch, J. Clein, M. Calef, W. M. Jolly, S. Kang, S. E. Euskirchen, K. C. McDonald, and S. W. Running

aggregation of model outputs within each grid cell was based on linear weighting of dominant and subdominant land cover classes, with no lateral transfers of mass or energy within a specified grid cell or between adjacent grid cells. We then aggregated the estimated fluxes across all grid cells in the study region to produce regional estimates. 2.1. Production Efficiency Model calculations A biome-specific PEM was used to calculate GPP and NPP for unmasked grid cells within the 25-km resolution EASE

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A. D. McGuire, J. E. Walsh, J. S. Kimball, J. S. Clein, S. E. Euskirchen, S. Drobot, U. C. Herzfeld, J. Maslanik, R. B. Lammers, M. A. Rawlins, C. J. Vorosmarty, T. S. Rupp, W. Wu, and M. Calef

influencing global water and energy balance ( Curry et al. 1996 ; Chapin et al. 2000 ; McGuire and Chapin 2006 ; McGuire et al. 2003 ; McGuire et al. 2004 ; McGuire et al. 2006 ; McGuire et al. 2007 ). Responses of high-latitude terrestrial ecosystems to global change have the potential to affect the Earth system through changes in 1) water and energy exchange with the atmosphere, 2) the exchange of radiatively active gases with the atmosphere, and 3) the delivery of freshwater to the Arctic Ocean

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J. S. Kimball, K. C. McDonald, and M. Zhao

spatial variability of ecosystem-scale carbon dioxide, water vapor, and energy flux densities. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc. 82 : 2415 – 2434 . Barber , V. , G. P. Juday , and B. P. Finney . 2000 . Reduced growth of Alaskan white spruce in the twentieth century from temperature-induced drought stress. Nature 405 : 668 – 673 . Beringer , J. , F. S. Chapin III , C. C. Thompson , and A. D. McGuire . 2005 . Surface energy exchanges along a tundra-forest transition and feedbacks

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