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Zewdu T. Segele, Michael B. Richman, Lance M. Leslie, and Peter J. Lamb

, 1981 : Applied Regression Analysis. Wiley, 724 pp . Efron , B. , and G. Gong , 1983 : A leisurely look at the bootstrap, jackknife, and cross-validation . Amer. Stat. , 37 , 36 – 48 . Efron , B. , and R. J. Tibshirani , 1993 : An Introduction to the Bootstrap. Chapman and Hall, 436 pp . Folland , C. K. , T. N. Palmer , and D. E. Parker , 1986 : Sahel rainfall and world-wide sea temperatures . Nature , 320 , 602 – 607 , doi: 10.1038/320602a0 . Folland , C. K. , J

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Peter J. Lamb, Diane H. Portis, and Abraham Zangvil

of 20%/54%/76% according to the above f test. Similar regression results were obtained for the Oklahoma Mesonet data. The same precipitation analyses were performed for January–April as a whole ( Table 1 ) to document precursor moisture conditions. 3. Results and discussion a. Traditional moisture budget analysis—Monthly and bimonthly time scales Results from the traditional moisture budget analysis [Eq. (1) ] for the study months and bimonthly periods are included in Table 2 and Fig. 3

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Thomas Engel, Andreas H. Fink, Peter Knippertz, Gregor Pante, and Jan Bliefernicht

diagnose convective dynamics as well as some statistical tools. The analysis of the atmospheric dynamics of the two selected cases will be presented in section 4 , while section 5 will provide the results of the statistical evaluation of the long-term context. Section 6 summarizes our findings with concluding remarks and an outlook on future investigations. 2. Data a. Gauge data Rain gauges are the most reliable method of measuring the precipitation amount and offer a high temporal resolution. In

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Kerry H. Cook and Edward K. Vizy

. , 138 , 2608 – 2623 . Herrmann , S. M. , and K. I. Mohr , 2011 : A continental-scale classification of rainfall seasonality regimes in Africa based on gridded precipitation and land surface temperature products . J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol. , 50 , 2504 – 2513 . Hession , S. L. , and N. Moore , 2011 : A spatial regression analysis of the influence of topography on monthly rainfall in east Africa . Int. J. Climatol. , 31 , 1440 – 1456 . Hong , S.-Y. , Y. Noh , and J. Dudhia

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Susan Stillman, Xubin Zeng, and Michael G. Bosilovich

products are evaluated against the observationally constrained soil moisture of Stillman et al. (2014) over WGEW (SM; described in section 2b ). Measurements of such high quality and density are limited to just a few small areas, making WGEW an ideal location for this analysis. In this moisture-limited area where runoff accounts for only a small portion of the precipitation, precipitation and soil moisture are the two most important components of the water cycle, which influence the growth of local

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Robert A. Clark III, Zachary L. Flamig, Humberto Vergara, Yang Hong, Jonathan J. Gourley, Daniel J. Mandl, Stuart Frye, Matthew Handy, and Maria Patterson

suite at the request of NHS for years when drought is a larger concern than flooding. Forecast precipitation is provided to the model by the Global Forecast System (GFS) numerical weather prediction model ( NCEP 2003 ). The GFS precipitation is available from a new model run every 6 h starting about 3 h after the analysis time of each run; the model runs with a 3-h time step. GFS precipitation is also available at a horizontal resolution of 0.25° latitude by 0.25° longitude. EF5 uses the first 99 h

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Rahul S. Todmal

Department of Maharashtra State (ADMS) were used to fill the missing rainfall records (about 5%). The remaining ~7% missing values were filled by adopting the linear regression approach. The Thiessen polygon method was used to calculate the average basin rainfall over each of the selected river basins. One of the major objectives of this investigation was to understand the effect of meteorological droughts on the agriculture in the selected semiarid river basins. For this, the agricultural crop

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