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Otávio C. Acevedo, Osvaldo L. L. Moraes, Rodrigo da Silva, Vagner Anabor, Daniel P. Bittencourt, Hans R. Zimmermann, Roberto O. Magnago, and Gervásio A. Degrazia

Rotach 2004 ), especially in terms of the local circulations and their impact on air quality and local microclimate. The purpose of this study is to look at a very specific surface type in a complex terrain environment (the river), and the exchanges between the river surface and the atmosphere. Rivers have an important role in the atmospheric environment of their surroundings, in many cases. They may induce local circulations ( Zhong and Takle 1992 ; Oliveira and Fitzjarrald 1994 ; Silva Dias et al

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V. Khan, L. Holko, K. Rubinstein, and M. Breiling

climatology and atmospheric studies. Evaluation of the information provided by reanalyses (e.g., on snow characteristics) may therefore be useful for various users. North-flowing Russian rivers are responsible for the bulk of freshwater supplied to the Arctic Ocean. The regime of freshwater inflow is an important component of coastal ocean dynamics. Recent studies demonstrated an increase of northern river runoff, especially in winter and spring seasons (e.g., Serreze et al. 2003 ; Yang et al. 2003

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Michael A. Bilello

38 JOURNAL OF APPLIED METEOROLOGY VOLU~I~3Method for Predicting River and Lake Ice Formation MICHAEL A. BILELLOU. S. Army Cold Regions Research and Enginesring Laboratory, Hanover, N. H.(Manuscript received 10 June 1963, in revised form 16 September 1963)ABSTRACT Two sets of curves are developed which can be used to forecast the dates of: 1) first appearance of icein the f011; and 2) ice

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Young-Hee Ryu and Jong-Jin Baik

1. Introduction The higher air temperature in a city than in its surrounding rural area, which is known as the urban heat island (UHI), can generate or modify local circulations in the city and its vicinity. When the synoptic forcing is weak, a local circulation can develop in regions where a temperature contrast exists, such as between sea and land, lake and land, river and land, and mountain and valley. Besides well-known local circulations such as sea-breeze and valley-breeze circulations, a

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Edward R. Cook and Gordon C. Jacoby

VOL. 22, NO. 10 JOURNAL OF CLIMATE AND APPLIED METEOROLOGY OCTOBER 1983Potomac River Streamfiow Since 1730 as Reconstructed by Tree Rings~ EDWARD R. COOK AND GORDON C. JACOBYLamont-Doherty Geological Observatory of Columbia University, Palisades, NY 10964(Manuscript received 3 March 1983, in final form 25 June 1983)ABSTRACT A 248-year reconstruction of the low-flow (July, August and

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Thomas J. Henderson

OCTOBER 1966 T H O M A S J. H E N D E R S O N 697A Ten Year Non-Randomized Cloud Seeding Program on the Kings River in California THOMAS J. HENDERSON Atmospherics Incorporated, Fresno, Calif. (Manuscript received 21 February 1966, in revised form 26 April 1966) A~BSTRACT In 1954 a cloud seeding program designed

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Darrian Bertrand and Renee A. McPherson

1. Introduction Hydrologic extremes of heavy precipitation and severe drought stress water resources and damage communities in the Red River basin, located in the south-central United States. For example, the summer of 2011 was the third driest summer in Oklahoma state history and the driest in Texas history since records began in 1895. These states suffered great losses from prolonged drought conditions, with U.S. Drought Monitor category D4 (exceptional drought) applying to almost all of

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C. David Whiteman, Xindi Bian, and Joe L. Sutherland

Introduction In the winter of 1989–90, a Winter Visibility Study (WVS) was conducted in the region around the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River to determine the impact on visibility within Grand Canyon National Park of pollution plumes from the Navajo Generating Station, a 2300 MW coal-fired power plant located at Page, Arizona. An extensive network of 10-m meteorological towers was deployed throughout the Grand Canyon area of southern Utah and northern Arizona as part of this study. The wind

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Galina Guentchev, Joseph J. Barsugli, and Jon Eischeid

1. Introduction This research is a part of a larger project focused on the historical characteristics and projected future changes of precipitation variability in the Colorado River basin, which includes a quantitative comparison between the observed precipitation variability and that simulated by general circulation models (GCMs) for the historical period 1950–99. Such a long-term trend or variability analysis requires the homogeneity of the datasets to be evaluated. Homogeneous climate data

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Terrence J. Toy

756 JOURNAL OF APPLIED METEOROLOGY VOLUME20Precipitation Variability and Surface-Mine Reclamation in the Green, Powder and San Juan River Basins TERRENCE J. TOYDepartment of Geography, University of Denver. Denver, CO 80208(Manuscript received 8 July 1980, in final form 17 March 1981) ABSTRACT Federal and state legislation requires the reclamation of surface

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