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John Marshall, David Ferreira, J-M. Campin, and Daniel Enderton

cycle. The whole system is integrated forward on a parallel computer, one processor being employed for each side of the atmospheric cube: one for the ocean and one to handle coupling. The system can carry out 1000 yr of synchronous coupled integration in two weeks of dedicated integration. Fluxes of momentum, heat, and freshwater are exchanged every hour (the ocean model time step). The model, launched from a state of rest with temperature and salinity distributions taken from a zonal-average ocean

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Cegeon J. Chan, R. Alan Plumb, and Ivana Cerovecki

al. 1997a , b ). Readers are referred to CPH for a complete description of the model setup and the equilibrated states. Here, we just provide a cursory description. This is a zonally reentrant, semihemispheric model ranging from 50.67° to 0.17°S and 0° to 10°E on a ⅙° × ⅙° latitude × longitude grid with 15 vertical levels. The model does not include salinity; density is simply a linear function of temperature. The model-imposed forcings are shown in Fig. 1 . The wind stress is eastward

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P. H. Haynes, D. A. Poet, and E. F. Shuckburgh

, 2462 – 2480 . Poet , D. A. , 2004 : Dynamical consistency, barriers to transport and mixing, in chaotic advection flows. Ph.D. thesis, University of Cambridge, 207 pp . Posmeinter , E. S. , 1977 : The generation of salinity finestructure by vertical diffusion. J. Phys. Oceanogr. , 7 , 298 – 300 . Rhines , P. B. , 1975 : Waves and turbulence on a beta-plane. J. Fluid Mech. , 69 , 417 – 443 . Smith , K. S. , G. Boccaletti , C. C. Henning , I. Marinov , C. Y. Tam , I. M

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