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Denny P. Alappattu and Qing Wang

1. Introduction For decades, airborne expendable bathythermographs (AXBTs) have been used extensively for sampling ocean temperature profiles for oceanic surveys and research (e.g., Bane and Sessions 1984 ; Dinegar Boyd 1987 ; Watts et al. 1989 ; Price et al. 1994 ; Rodríguez-Santana et al. 1999 ). Recently, airborne expendable conductivity–temperature–depth (AXCTD) probes were developed to obtain both temperature and salinity profiles ( Chu and Fan 2001 ; Shay and Brewster 2010 ). These

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Kacie E. Hoover, John R. Mecikalski, Timothy J. Lang, Xuanli Li, Tyler J. Castillo, and Themis Chronis

fields were prepared and put into a format that E2ES can process. The mandatory variables for E2ES input include time, latitude, longitude, wind speed ( u and υ components), rain rate, freezing-level height, land mask, SST, and sea surface salinity. These input data were defined over a rectangular latitude–longitude area. Hence, all input variables, except salinity, were taken from the WRF simulations. As salinity has only a small effect on CYGNSS signals and was not available from the WRF

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