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Ivana Cerovečki and Matthew R. Mazloff

range of processes is important for the formation and destruction of waters within this density range, including freshening by sea ice melt. It is therefore necessary to consider the evolution and distribution of these processes both in time and space in order to understand the role of SAMW in the three-dimensional Southern Ocean overturning circulation. We use the term SAMW to refer to all waters in the density range σ θ = 26.7–27.2 kg m −3 , without imposing the mode water low potential

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Ross Tulloch, Raffaele Ferrari, Oliver Jahn, Andreas Klocker, Joseph LaCasce, James R. Ledwell, John Marshall, Marie-Jose Messias, Kevin Speer, and Andrew Watson

). The modeled tracer concentration is also normalized by its maximum, and values less than 0.01 are shaded white. The climatological mean of the modeled sea ice extent is shown as a gray line. (b) Snapshot of the column-integrated concentration from the ensemble average of 12 tracer release experiments 365 days after release. The blue x marks the location of the center of mass of the DIMES tracer sampled on the US2 grid 1 yr after release. The black x is the location of the center of mass of the

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Emma J. D. Boland, Emily Shuckburgh, Peter H. Haynes, James R. Ledwell, Marie-José Messias, and Andrew J. Watson

altimetry data, and so a fixed maximum sea ice extent is present at all times. The domain was circumpolar in longitude and from roughly 30° to 66°S in latitude, on a spherical polar grid. In each simulation, the initial tracer concentration field was imposed to have the same distribution at the same location and time of the real tracer release—408 mol of tracer in a cross roughly centered on 58°S, 107°W in early February 2009. The evolution according to the advection–diffusion equation was followed for

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Michael Bates, Ross Tulloch, John Marshall, and Raffaele Ferrari

resolution global ocean and sea ice data synthesis . Mercator Ocean Quarterly Newsletter, No. 31, Mercator Ocean, Ramonville Saint-Agne, France, 13–21 . Nakamura , N. , 1996 : Two-dimensional mixing, edge formation, and permeability diagnosed in an area coordinate . J. Atmos. Sci. , 53 , 1524 – 1537 , doi: 10.1175/1520-0469(1996)053<1524:TDMEFA>2.0.CO;2 . Naveira Garabato , A. C. , R. Ferrari , and K. L. Polzin , 2011 : Eddy stirring in the Southern Ocean. J. Geophys. Res., 116, C

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