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Sandy Grégorio, Thierry Penduff, Guillaume Sérazin, Jean-Marc Molines, Bernard Barnier, and Joël Hirschi

of the Ocean (NEMO; Madec et al. 2012 ) ocean–sea ice numerical model with the same 46-level vertical discretization. The six simulations share a partial cell representation of topography and a momentum advection scheme that conserves energy and enstrophy ( Barnier et al. 2006 ; Penduff et al. 2007 ; Le Sommer et al. 2009 ); a total variance diminishing (TVD) tracer advection scheme; an isopycnal Laplacian tracer diffusion operator; a vertical mixing scheme based on the TKE turbulent closure

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A. M. Treguier, C. Lique, J. Deshayes, and J. M. Molines

are distributed on the same ¼° grid. We also use a numerical simulation performed in the framework of the Drakkar project ( Barnier et al. 2014 ) with the ORCA12 model. It is based on the NEMO modeling framework ( Madec 2008 ) for the ocean and sea ice. The isotropic tripolar grid covers the global ocean with a resolution of 1/12° (9.3 km) at the equator, refined at higher latitudes (6.5 km at 45°, 1.8 km in the Ross and Weddell seas). The atmospheric forcing, the Drakkar forcing set (DFS4.4), is

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Alain Colin de Verdière and Michel Ollitrault

009966 . Lamas , L. , Á. Peliz , I. Ambar , A. B. Aguiar , N. Maximenko , and A. Teles-Machado , 2010 : Evidence of time-mean cyclonic cell southwest of Iberian Peninsula: The Mediterranean outflow-driven β -plume? Geophys. Res. Lett. , 37 , L12606 , doi: 10.1029/2010GL043339 . Large , W. G. , and S. G. Yeager , 2004 : Diurnal to decadal global forcing for ocean and sea-ice models: The data sets and flux climatologies. NCAR Tech. Rep. TN-460+STR, 122 pp . Lavender , K. L

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