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Karin van der Wiel, Sarah B. Kapnick, Gabriel A. Vecchi, James A. Smith, P. C. D. Milly, and Liwei Jia

in the current study allows us to select events by a variable very closely related to societal impacts—extreme high river discharge—and investigate the associated forcing from land and atmosphere in a physically consistent, global system. This approach is fundamentally different from a purely meteorological approach (i.e., the investigation of the rain events that have been previously linked to flood conditions), and also differs from a sequential model approach (i.e., forcing a hydrological

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M. Susan Moran, Bradley Doorn, Vanessa Escobar, and Molly E. Brown

drought and risk assessments by factoring in both science and societal impacts ( Kumar et al. 2014a ). Simulated data similar to SMAP products were used in agricultural models to show the usefulness of soil moisture for crop yield estimation at sites where the full time sequence of precipitation and other critical weather variables were not available or subject to measurements errors (El Sharif et al. 2014, manuscript submitted to J. Hydrometeor. ) and the increase in streamflow forecast skill

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Abayomi A. Abatan, William J. Gutowski Jr., Caspar M. Ammann, Laurna Kaatz, Barbara G. Brown, Lawrence Buja, Randy Bullock, Tressa Fowler, Eric Gilleland, and John Halley Gotway

recovered from the devastating impacts of the 1930s drought when another persistent drought occurred in the 1950s. Drought episodes during the 1930s and 1950s marked the worst droughts experienced in the twentieth century over the region as well as for large areas in the United States ( Andreadis et al. 2005 ). To this day, the 1953–57 drought remains the reference drought for Denver Water to illustrate water management challenges. More recently, severe multiyear regional droughts in the 2000s led to

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Eric P. Salathé Jr., Alan F. Hamlet, Clifford F. Mass, Se-Yeun Lee, Matt Stumbaugh, and Richard Steed

. The 12-km WRF domain is indicated by the blue rectangle. Earlier research provides a good sense of future PNW flood magnitudes, including the sign of changing flood risks, and identified important mechanisms contributing to the impacts of climate change on flood risk. The results from these studies, however, are very conservative because the statistical downscaling methods were based on monthly climate model output, and thus, no explicit changes in daily precipitation probability distributions

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Dalia Kirschbaum, Robert Adler, David Adler, Christa Peters-Lidard, and George Huffman

completion of the rainfall-triggered landslide catalog for 2010 (landslide inventory and documentation is available at ), the authors noted significantly more high-impact landslides for 2010 compared to previous years in the record. For example, a catastrophic mudslide occurred in Zhouqu County in Gansu, China, on 8 August, 2010 that killed 1765 people and resulted in an estimated 759 million U.S. dollars (USD) in damages ( CRED 2011

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D. Gerten, J. Heinke, H. Hoff, H. Biemans, M. Fader, and K. Waha

total water availability by the 2080s for B1 and A2 scenarios. Population held constant at year 2000 level (i.e., changes in water availability are equal to changes in water resources, and imposed only by changes in the climate). Gray colors indicate changes in the range of 0 ± 0.5%. The regional pattern of relative change in GW and GWBW availability results from the complex interplay of impacts of changing precipitation, temperature, and CO 2 concentration (all of which affect potential ET and

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David A. R. Kristovich and Michael L. Spinar

surface heat fluxes ( Laird and Kristovich 2002 ), often resulting in significant lake-effect snowstorms ( Niziol et al. 1995 ). Previous studies have noted important economic and societal impacts derived from such storms (i.e., Schmidlin et al. 1992 ; Schmidlin 1993 ; Schmidlin and Kosarik 1999 ; Kunkel et al. 2002 ). Impacts with negative implications include building and vegetation damage, power outages, injuries, and disruptions of air and ground transportation. The magnitude of impacts on

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Jianbin Su, Haishen Lü, Wade T. Crow, Yonghua Zhu, and Yifan Cui

only practical way to achieve continuous global precipitation estimations. Since the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite was launched as the first dedicated meteorological precipitation satellite in 1997, several quasi-global, TRMM-based SPEs have been released publicly. The wide-scale application of these open-access SPEs in different fields (e.g., disaster monitoring and forecasting and water resources management) has yielded substantial scientific and societal benefits. After

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Ted M. Uecker, Susan D. Kaspari, Keith N. Musselman, and S. McKenzie Skiles

; Elsner et al. 2010 ; Vano et al. 2010 ). The availability of water resources is thus strongly related to the persistence of seasonal snowpack. In the western United States, spring snowpack is in widespread decline ( Mote et al. 2018 ). This impact has been most pronounced in regions where winter temperatures are close to the freezing point, such as the U.S. Pacific Northwest and the Cascades. Here, slight warming can shift snowfall to rain and increase ablation rates, compromising the reliability of

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A. Senatore, S. Davolio, L. Furnari, and G. Mendicino

, M. C. , M. Llasat-Botija , O. Petrucci , A. A. Pasqua , J. Rosselló , F. Vinet , and L. Boissier , 2013 : Towards a database on societal impact of Mediterranean floods within the framework of the HYMEX project . Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. , 13 , 1337 – 1350 , . 10.5194/nhess-13-1337-2013 Malguzzi , P. , G. Grossi , A. Buzzi , R. Ranzi , and R. Buizza , 2006 : The 1966 ‘century’ flood in Italy: A meteorological

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