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Richard A. Craig, Chester W. Newton, R. Robert Rapp, and Robert O. Reid

January 1974) of the publication of Monthly Weather Review, upon its relinquishmentby NOAA. Over the years, MWR has contained articlesin subject areas represented in Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences (JAS), Journal of Applied Meteorology(JAM), and Journal of Physical Oceanography (JPO). New directions in Society publications, aimed towarddefining areas of emphasis for the four journals andbetter serving the varied interests of AMS members,were discussed in the August 1973 issue of Bulletin ofthe

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E. W. Kammer

. 1. Hurricane positions for September 1951. Direction 7 and 8 September are included indeterminations made durinsector radiating from Granj Bahama.I- ISEPT 5 I SEPT 6 I SEPT 7 I SEPT 8 1 SEPT 9 1FIG. 2. Amplitude of microseismic vibrations at Grand Bahamaand San Juan as function of time during approach of hurricane"Easy" 1951.368 JOURNAL OF METEOROLOGY VOLUME 9time, are shown in fig. 2. Data from the U. S. Coastand Geodetic Survey seismograph at San Juan, PuertoRico, are also given

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M. J. P. Cullen and I. Roulstone

..~z~ JUURNAL UI" I H~ A I MU~I'HI~,RIC ~I,~II~N(.jl~ VOL. 3(J, N0.2NOTES AND CORRESPONDENCEA Geometric Model of the Nonlinear Equilibration of Two-Dimensional Eady Waves M. J. P. CULLEN AND I. ROULSTONEShort-Range Forecasting Research Division, U.K. Meteorological Oj~ice, Bracknell, Berkshire. England24 April 1991 and 14 November 1991 ABSTRACT The

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Norihiko Fukuta

1 JULY 1992 FUKUTA 1107Theories of Competitive Cloud Droplet Growth andTheir Application to Cloud Physics Studies NORIHIKO FUKUTADepartment of Meteorology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah(Manuscript received 6 September 1990, in final form 27 August 1991)ABSTRACT In a rising cloud parcel, a small droplet establishes quasi-steady-state fields of vapor density p and

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Liqi Chen, Wei Li, Jianqiong Zhan, Jianjun Wang, Yuanhui Zhang, and Xulin Yang

background BC concentration (BC total ) at Ny-Ålesund was adjusted by the local emission (BC em ) and long-range transportation (BC tr ). So BC total can be expressed as where BC em is related to the random human activities and continuous emission. Random human activities are always included in the high-frequency signal and irrelevance with meteorological factors. Continuous emission can be included in the extreme low frequency signals E low-em . It is defined as follows: The long-range transportation

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Marcel Ackerman

, 30 September-4 October 1974, in Atlanta, Ga., organized by the Committee on the Upper Atmosphere ofthe American Meteorological Society. The Society gratefully acknowledges the special support, for travel of foreign visitorsto the Conference and for publication of some of the papers, which was provided by theNational Science Foundation as a Lloyd Berkner Memorial Fund grant, administeredby the University of Texas at Dallas.NO, NO~ and HNOa below 35 km in the Atmosphere MARCEL

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John H. E. Clark and Thomas G. Rogers

2232 JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES VOLVME35The Transport of Conservative Trace Gases by Planetary Waves JOHN H. ]~. CLARK AND THOMAS G. ROtERSDepartment of Meteorology, The Pennsylvania S~a~ University, University Park 16802(Manuscript received 25 April 1978, in final form 22 August 1978)ABSTRACT An analytical model for the horizontal and vertical transport of a conservative trace gas by a

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F. E. Gartrell and S. B. Carpenter

thehelicopter as they might influence sampling procedure and location of air-sample intake;2. Determination of type of sampling equipment to be used;3. Development of sampling procedure, including means forproviding horizontal and vertical controls of sampling points orpatterns in relation to the power plant;4. Demonstration of technique by making test runs underdifferent types of meteorological conditions, and reduction of datato a form suitable for comparison with computed values.2. Plight characteristics

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Yuan Wang, Lifeng Zhang, Jun Peng, and Saisai Liu

knowledge on these processes has remained limited. The method of energy spectrum analysis, in contrast, has certain advantages in this area of research. From an energetics perspective, the change of TC intensity is the direct reflection of variations in the systematic energy. The evolution of a TC is essentially accompanied by the input, output, cascade, conversion, and vertical transportation of energy through various physical processes (e.g., moist convection, radiation, and dissipation) that occur at

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R. D. M. Clark

.35 Tension : 1.33 X lo6 dyne/cm Length of suspensions: 10.95Mass : 116.68 g Diameter of coil : 3.95Surface density: 0.186 g/cm2 Diameter of core : 2.20Mass : 441.15 g180 JOURNAL OF METEOROLOGY VOLUME 10During free-vibration tests the microbarograph wascoupled to its galvanometer, so that simultaneousrecording optically and electromagnetically was obtained. From these data, the value of K was obtained.The constants for the system are L = 100 cm, K =75

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