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Vasubandhu Misra and Amit Bhardwaj

.1002/joc.1955 Koteswaram , P. , 1958 : The easterly jet stream in the tropics . Tellus , 10 , 43 – 57 , . 10.3402/tellusa.v10i1.9220 Kripalani , R. H. , and P. Kumar , 2004 : Northeast monsoon rainfall variability over south peninsular India vis-à-vis the Indian Ocean dipole mode . Int. J. Climatol. , 24 , 1267 – 1282 , . 10.1002/joc.1071 Krishna Kumar , K. , K. Rupa Kumar , R. G. Ashrit , N. R

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Robert Wood, Kuan-Ting O, Christopher S. Bretherton, Johannes Mohrmann, Bruce. A. Albrecht, Paquita Zuidema, Virendra Ghate, Chris Schwartz, Ed Eloranta, Susanne Glienke, Raymond A. Shaw, Jacob Fugal, and Patrick Minnis

1. Introduction Assessment of the physical factors controlling the coverage and albedo of marine boundary layer (MBL) clouds remains a pressing challenge. The speed at which the stratocumulus (Sc)-to-cumulus (Cu) transition (SCT) occurs in air masses downstream of the eastern subtropical ocean basins determines the albedo of the tropics, and similar cloud transitions in postfrontal air masses are important for determining midlatitude storm-track albedo. These transitions in cloudiness are

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Kuan-Ting O, Robert Wood, and Christopher S. Bretherton

dependence of in the derivation. Therefore, in this study, we assume is constant with height for simplicity. Also, is assumed to have a fixed value of 2.1 g m −3 km −1 , which is typical for the MBL clouds in the subtropics and tropics ( Albrecht et al. 1990 ). With Eq. (6) , integrated liquid water path from the cloud base to z can be written as By substituting from Eq. (6) into Eq. (3) and dividing Eq. (3) by , the decrease in with increasing altitude can be given by The

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Johna E. Rudzin, Lynn K. Shay, and Benjamin Jaimes de la Cruz

Hurricanes , Miami Beach, FL, Amer. Meteor. Soc., D4-1–D4-10. Sprintall , J. , and M. J. Tomczak , 1992 : Evidence of the barrier layer in the surface layer of the tropics . J. Geophys. Res. , 97 , 7305 – 7316 , . 10.1029/92JC00407 Stewart , S. R. , 2004 : Tropical cyclone report: Hurricane Ivan. National Hurricane Center Re. AL092004, 44 pp., . Tang , B. , and K. Emanuel , 2010 : Midlevel ventilation

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Bruce Albrecht, Virendra Ghate, Johannes Mohrmann, Robert Wood, Paquita Zuidema, Christopher Bretherton, Christian Schwartz, Edwin Eloranta, Susanne Glienke, Shaunna Donaher, Mampi Sarkar, Jeremy McGibbon, Alison D. Nugent, Raymond A. Shaw, Jacob Fugal, Patrick Minnis, Robindra Paliknoda, Louis Lussier, Jorgen Jensen, J. Vivekanandan, Scott Ellis, Peisang Tsai, Robert Rilling, Julie Haggerty, Teresa Campos, Meghan Stell, Michael Reeves, Stuart Beaton, John Allison, Gregory Stossmeister, Samuel Hall, and Sebastian Schmidt

and Hartmann 1993 ). Cumuli, on the other hand, play a fundamental role in the regulation of ocean surface evaporation and convergence of moisture into deep convective regions (e.g., Tiedtke 1989 ; Neggers et al. 2007 ), and therefore the global hydrological cycle. The transition from shallow cloud-topped MBLs in the cool subtropics to broken trade cumulus over the warm tropics ( Bretherton and Wyant 1997 ; Wyant et al. 1997 ; Sandu and Stevens 2011 ) occurs over all subtropical ocean basins

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