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Hironari Kanamori, Tomo’omi Kumagai, Hatsuki Fujinami, Tetsuya Hiyama, and Tetsuzo Yasunari

forests has the capacity to modify precipitation and, in turn, alter the regional water balance ( Kanae et al. 2001 ; Yasunari et al. 2006 ; Bonan 2008 ; Spracklen et al. 2012 ). Therefore, a water budget analysis must be conducted separately for complex land and ocean areas such as the MC. To understand better the processes responsible for heavy precipitation as part of the hydrologic cycle, this study estimated the land and ocean atmospheric water budget over the MC. The impact of large

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Claire L. Vincent and Todd P. Lane

. The gridded model data afford the opportunity to calculate a fully balanced heating budget, which is shown to be nearly a balance between microphysics and advective tendencies, with evidence of gravity waves detected in the residual of these terms. Diabatic heating from microphysics is separated into contributions from convective and stratiform precipitation, which are seen to peak in different phases of the MJO. Where possible, results are compared with analogous results from the TRMM spectral

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Kevin E. Trenberth and Yongxin Zhang

and their impact on the coupled ocean climate system . Nat. Geosci. , 7 , 487 – 492 , . 10.1038/ngeo2188 Stephens , G. L. , M. Z. Hakuba , M. Hawcroft , J. M. Haywood , A. Behrangi , J. E. Kay , and P. J. Webster , 2016 : The curious nature of the hemispheric symmetry of the Earth’s water and energy balances . Curr. Climate Change Rep. , 2 , 135 – 147 , . 10.1007/s40641-016-0043-9 Trenberth , K

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Chu-Chun Chen, Min-Hui Lo, Eun-Soon Im, Jin-Yi Yu, Yu-Chiao Liang, Wei-Ting Chen, Iping Tang, Chia-Wei Lan, Ren-Jie Wu, and Rong-You Chien

1. Introduction Anthropogenic land use and land cover changes, especially deforestation, can have substantial effects on the local and remote climate. For instance, deforestation can directly alter the partitioning of local surface energy and the water budget, leading to changes in precipitation (e.g., Zeng and Neelin 1999 ; Pielke et al. 2007 ; Mahmood et al. 2014 ; Lawrence and Vandecar 2015 ). Tropical rain forests have lower albedos, larger leaf and stem areas for evapotranspiration

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Shijian Hu, Ying Zhang, Ming Feng, Yan Du, Janet Sprintall, Fan Wang, Dunxin Hu, Qiang Xie, and Fei Chai

al. 1999 ). Freshwater balance and salinity variability in the Indian Ocean hence have attracted broad interest from the oceanography and climate community (e.g., Piola and Gordon 1984 ; Han and McCreary 2001 ; Rao and Sivakumar 2003 ; Drushka et al. 2014 ; Giglio and Roemmich 2014 ; Llovel and Lee 2015 ; Jensen et al. 2016 ; Nyadjro and Subrahmanyam 2016 ; Kido and Tozuka 2017 ). Numerical experiments with a simple advective box model suggested that the ITF and atmospheric freshwater

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Chidong Zhang and Jian Ling

from that over the open water of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. In observations, when the MJO propagates over the MC, it often weakens, its propagation speed becomes uneven, and it may completely break down and fail to reemerge on the Pacific side ( Rui and Wang 1990 ; Hendon and Salby 1994 ; Hsu and Lee 2005 ; Kim et al. 2014 ). The weakening and blocking of the MJO by the MC is known as a “barrier effect” on MJO propagation. This barrier effect of the MC in nature is often exaggerated in

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