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Kerry H. Cook and Edward K. Vizy

category for the MJJAS (ONDJFMA) composite. Figure 11a shows the NARR MJJAS precipitation climatology (shading) along with vectors representing vertically integrated water vapor transport. The largest rainfall rates, greater than 6 mm day −1 , occur mainly over the eastern Pacific and along the Central American coast. Over the eastern United States, rainfall rates range between 3 and 5 mm day −1 . Note that there are some falsely low rainfall rates produced in the NARR (e.g., over Cuba, over

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Renu Joseph and Ning Zeng

and longer-time variability in precipitation using the Global Precipitation Climatology Product (GPCP) data quantified the decrease of the tropical mean precipitation due to the Pinatubo and El Chichón eruptions. The water vapor responses to the major volcanic events have been discussed by Soden et al. (2002) . They examined the total column water vapor from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) water vapor product along with model results and found a decrease in total column

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Kirsten L. Findell and Thomas L. Delworth

water and saturated land surfaces, R net is net radiation at the surface, T a is air temperature, ρ w is the mass density of water, λ υ is the latent heat of vaporization, γ is the psychrometric constant, and s ( T a ) is the slope of the relation between saturation vapor pressure ( e sat ) and air temperature. Campbell and Norman (1998) show that a convenient, empirical equation for computing the saturation vapor pressure from temperature is the Tetens formula: where the constants a

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Matías Méndez and Víctor Magaña

, E. Jáuregui , and R. Díaz-Sandoval , 2007 : Frequency and duration of historical droughts from the 16th to the 19th centuries in the Mexican Maya lands, Yucatan Peninsula. Climatic Change , 83 , 151 – 168 . Mestas-Nuñez , A. M. , C. Zhang , B. A. Albrecht , and D. B. Enfield , 2002 : Warm season water vapor fluxes in the intra-Americas sea. Proc. 27th Annual Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop, Fairfax, VA, NCEP and cosponsors . Metcalfe , S. , and S. Davies

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