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Amy McGovern
Anthony J. Broccoli

This editorial opens volume 1, issue 1, of Artificial Intelligence for the Earth Systems (AIES) , the American Meteorological Society’s (AMS) newest journal. The journal focuses on the development and application of methods in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), data science, and statistics that are relevant to meteorology, atmospheric science, hydrology, climate science, and ocean sciences, that is, the “AMS sciences.” AI and ML constitute a rapidly growing sector of the

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Wayne H. Schubert

As part of a concerted effort to reduce the publication times of submitted manuscripts,it is the goal of all American Meteorological Society (AMS) journal editorial officesto adhere to the following practices for the peer review of submissions. 1) The editor's office handling the submitted manuscript will make every effort tocontact via phone or e-mail all potential reviewers in advance to ensure that theyhave the interest and the available time to review the manuscript in a

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EDITORIAL The AMS Council approved in September 1976 a new approach to broaden theeditorial effort for the Journal of Applied Meteorology. This approach involves fivepeople in the editorial process, rather than the previous editor and assistant. The neweditorial staff of JAM includes five professional scientists, working on a non-paid basis,and four supporting part-time secretaries. The approach became effective 1 January 1977. The entire editorial effort will be under the direction of

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EDITORIAL As we assume our responsibilities as Co-Chief Editors of the Journal of AtmosphericSciences, we would like to thank Professors Richard H. Johnson and Wayne E. Schubertfor the excellent work they have done over the past three years in maintaining highscientific standards for the Journal and for their help in making the editorial transitionas smooth as possible. We also thank the Editors, Associate Editors, and, especially,the Authors and the Reviewers for their contributions. The

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EDITORIAL The June and July 1989 volumes of this journal are devoted to a set of 26 papersreporting the results of the Atmospheric Studies in Complex Terrain (ASCOT) programsupported by the Department of Energy (DOE). Dr. William E. Clements of LosAlamos National Laboratow deserves our appreciation for organizing these papersand encouraging the many authors to conform to the required schedule and format.- Because of the bulk of the 26 ASCOT papers, they are published in two separatevolumes

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VOLUME26 JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL OCEANOGRAPHY JANUARY 1996EDITORIAL For the better part of the last five years Drs. Christopher N. K. Mooers (April 1991December 1995) and Dennis Wilson Moore (January 1992-June 1995) have givenfreely of their time and energy to serve as dedicated Editors of this journal. Whilecontinuing with submissions received until completion, they are now not acceptingnew submissions, and two new

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Andrew Weaver

It is with enormous gratitude and much trepidation that I write this editorial to the January 2005 (Volume 18, Number 1) issue of the Journal of Climate . David Randall has stepped down as the Chief Editor after 10 years of outstanding service to the international climate community. On behalf of Journal of Climate authors, reviewers, and readers worldwide, I want to sincerely thank David for all his efforts over the last decade. Under his guidance, the Journal of Climate has become one of

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Robert M. Rauber
Michael Garstang
, and
David A. R. Kristovich

Dr. Marvin L. Wesely, an editor of the Journal of Applied Meteorology ( JAM ), died on 20 January 2003. Marv had been an editor of JAM for two years. He capably and competently handled papers in surface and boundary layer meteorology, air pollution, and atmospheric chemistry. Marv's tenure as editor was notable for his commitment to the journal's high standards and his efforts to enhance the value of the editorial process for authors. Marv started his career at the University of Nebraska at

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Jay McCreary
Peter Müller

There have been two recent changes to the editorial staff at the Journal of PhysicalOceanography (JPO) that we would like to bring to your attention. First, we welcome Roger Samelson, Professor of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences,at Oregon State University as an additional fourth member. His editorial specialty willbe papers in coastal oceanography and midlatitude theory, subjects that were previouslyhandled by Jay McCreary and Nelson Hogg. (See the inside cover of each JPO issuefor a

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EDITORIALNew Editors for Monthly Weather Review As of 1 January 1986, we succeed Roger Pielke and become Co-Chief Editors forMonthly Weather Review. We thank the previous Chief Editor and the Editors, WilliamFrank, Robert Maddox, and Kevin Trenberth, for their conscientious stewardship ofMWR and for their assistance in the transition to the new editorial team. Along withus, the new Editors are: Bruce A. Albrecht, Associate Professor of Atmospheric Sciencesat the Pennsylvania State

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