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Anna Agustí-Panareda, Anton Beljaars, Carla Cardinali, Iliana Genkova, and Chris Thorncroft

an improved precipitation forecast in the ECMWF Integrated Forecasting System (IFS). A validation of the corrected AMMA radiosondes shows good agreement with independent ground-based global positioning system (GPS) total column water vapor (TCWV) measurements at several AMMA sites. Faccani et al. (2009) tested the impacts of this bias correction scheme on the AMMA soundings in the French Action de Recherche Petite Echelle Grande Echelle (ARPEGE) assimilation system ( Gauthier and Thépaut 2001

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Kingtse C. Mo, Eric Rogers, Wesley Ebisuzaki, R. Wayne Higgins, J. Woollen, and M. L. Carrera

1. I. Introduction During the 2004 North American Monsoon Experiment (NAME) field campaign (1 July–15 September; Higgins et al. 2006 ), an extensive set of enhanced atmospheric soundings was gathered over the southwest United States, northern Mexico, and the Caribbean. There were 22 stations located over northern Mexico and the southwest United States ( Fig. 1 ), with seven of them (Puerto Penasco, Kino Bay, Empalme, Los Mochis, Loreto, Mazatlan, and La Paz) located along the Gulf of

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Carol Anne Clayson and Lakshmi Kantha

(see, e.g., Cohn 1995 ; Hooper and Thomas 1998 ). One radar technique that uses backscattered power to estimate the turbulence kinetic energy (TKE) dissipation rate requires auxiliary data in the form of simultaneous soundings of the atmospheric column. The spectral broadening approach suffers from ambiguities in removing contamination from causes other than turbulence. Both methods are not always reliable in the troposphere (see section 3 below). Consequently, accurate and reliable turbulence

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Matthew D. Parker

likely a large degree of spatial and temporal variability associated with the “environment” near supercells. For example, Markowski et al. (1998b) used a network of soundings from the first VORTEX field campaign (in 1994–95) to show that storm-relative helicity varies regionally (lengths ~100 km and intervals <3 h) on many tornado outbreak days, especially in the vicinity of preexisting mesoscale boundaries. This is troublesome given that many supercell process studies use numerical models with

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Jun Li, Chian-Yi Liu, Peng Zhang, and Timothy J. Schmit

other hand, the current Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) Sounder has fewer channels than the high spectral IR sounders on board the polar-orbiting satellites so that the vertical resolution of the GOES Sounder is limited. Therefore, the full spatial resolution [or single field of view (SFOV)] high spectral resolution IR soundings are needed for mesoscale applications, and are critical for measuring the degree of atmospheric instability, which is highly related to storm

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Zhigang Yao, Jun Li, Jinlong Li, and Hong Zhang

over those made with the typical assumption of constant LSE (i.e., 0.98). It is also shown that the LSE from IASI appears to be more accurate for soundings in this particular case, especially for the WRs. This indicates that the IASI LSE dataset may be more reasonable than the BLF in hyperspectral IR sounding retrieval. It could be explained by the fact that the baseline fit LSE results from only six available wavelengths spanning three spectral regions (3.8–4, 8.6, and 11–12 μ m) in the MODIS

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Russ S. Schumacher, Deanna A. Hence, Stephen W. Nesbitt, Robert J. Trapp, Karen A. Kosiba, Joshua Wurman, Paola Salio, Martin Rugna, Adam C. Varble, and Nathan R. Kelly

2018 to 30 April 2019, with observations primarily at an observing site in the SDC. Among the other types of in situ and remote sensing observations collected during these campaigns was a large number of balloon-borne radiosondes to observe the vertical profile of temperature, water vapor, and winds ( Fig. 2 ). This study examines the unprecedented sounding dataset collected at fixed and mobile sites. Specifically, this is both the largest collection of soundings ever for the region, and also the

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W. L. Smith Sr, Qi Zhang, M. Shao, and E. Weisz

vapor profiles to improve numerical weather prediction (NWP) model forecasts of intense weather through the quasi-continuous assimilation of the atmospheric sounding data. The goal of this research is to demonstrate that sounding products are useful to weather service agencies for nowcasting and NWP purposes. The “nowcasting” products are produced and made available in near–real time using soundings retrieved by the fusion of direct broadcast operational polar (IASI and CrIS) hyperspectral sounding

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Davide Dionisi, Fernando Congeduti, Gian Luigi Liberti, and Francesco Cardillo

according with the approach used to determine the calibration coefficient: independent estimation that requires the knowledge of the optical transmission and detection characteristics of the system and of the Raman-scattering cross sections of water vapor relative to that of nitrogen or oxygen ( Vaughan et al. 1988 ; Sherlock et al. 1999b ; Whiteman 2003b ); comparisons with coincident measurements of atmospheric water vapor (e.g., soundings from collocated radiosonde or microwave radiometer

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Robert C. Sheets

134 JOURNAL OF APPLIED METEOROLOGY VOLUMF, 8Some Mean Hurricane Soundings Ro~EaT C. Sm~ETSNational Hurricane Research Laboratory, ESSA, Miami, Fla.(Manuscript received 3 September 1968)ABSTRACT Some "mean hurricane soundings" have been computed from 92 radiosonde observations collected within100 n mi of the centers of hurricanes. High correlations between various parameters and the sea

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