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Volume 60, Issue 1

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The Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology (JAMC) publishes applied research on meteorology and climatology. Examples of meteorological research include topics such as weather modification, satellite meteorology, radar meteorology, boundary layer processes, physical meteorology, air pollution meteorology (including dispersion and chemical processes), agricultural and forest meteorology, mountain meteorology, and applied meteorological numerical models. Examples of climatological research include the use of climate information in impact assessments, dynamical and statistical downscaling, seasonal climate forecast applications and verification, climate risk and vulnerability, development of climate monitoring tools, and urban and local climates.

ISSN: 1558-8424; eISSN: 1558-8432

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David A. R. Kristovich, Illinois State Water Survey, Prairie Research Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign

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2019 Journal Impact Factors in the Meteorology and Atmospheric Science category

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HailTrack - Improving Radar-Based Hailfall Estimates by Modeling Hail Trajectories

Jordan P. Brook, Alain Protat, Joshua Soderholm, Jacob T. Carlin, Hamish McGowan, and Robert A. Warren
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Climatology of Estimated Altimeter Error Due to Nonstandard Temperatures

Thomas A. Guinn, Daniel J. Halperin, and Christopher G. Herbster
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Observations of Sweep-Ejection Dynamics for Heat and Momentum Fluxes during Wildland Fires in Forested and Grassland Environments

Warren E. Heilman, Tirtha Banerjee, Craig B. Clements, Kenneth L. Clark, Shiyuan Zhong, and Xindi Bian
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Snowfall rate retrieval for K- and W-band radar measurements designed in Hyytiälä, Finland, and tested at Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard

Sybille Y. Schoger, Dmitri Moisseev, Annakaisa von Lerber, Susanne Crewell, and Kerstin Ebell
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Role of Advection on the Evolution of Near-Surface Temperature and Wind in Urban-Aware Simulations

Pallav Ray, Haochen Tan, Mukul Tewari, James Brownlee, R. S. Ajayamohan, and Bradford S. Barrett
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Geographical characteristics of raindrop size distribution in the southern parts of Korea

Sung–Ho Suh, Hyeon–Joon Kim, Dong–In Lee, and Tae–Hoon Kim
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Global and Regional Patterns in High Ice Water Content Conditions

Allyson Rugg, Julie Haggerty, and Alain Protat
Open access
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Evaluation of global reanalysis land surface wind speed trends to support wind energy development using in-situ observations

Wenxin Fan, Yi Liu, Adrian Chappell, Li Dong, Rongrong Xu, Marie Ekström, Tzung-May FU, and Zhenzhong Zeng
Open access

The mega-city Lagos and three decades of urban heat island growth

Bassett R., Young P. J., Blair G, Samreen F., and Simm W.
Restricted access

History and data records of the automatic weather station on Denali Pass (5715m), 1990-2007

Lea Hartl, Martin Stuefer, Tohru Saito, and Yoshitomi Okura
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Observation and Simulation of a Bifurcating Thunderstorm over Beijing

Jingjing Dou, Robert Bornstein, Shiguang Miao, Jianning Sun, and Yizhou Zhang
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Variability in wind energy generation across the contiguous USA

S. C. Pryor, F.W. Letson, and R. J. Barthelmie
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Cirrus Cloud Top-of-the-Atmosphere Net Daytime Forcing in the Alaskan Subarctic from Ground-Based MPLNET Monitoring

James R. Campbell, Erica K. Dolinar, Simone Lolli, Gilberto J. Fochesatto, Yu Gu, Jasper R. Lewis, Jared W. Marquis, Theodore M. McHardy, David R. Ryglicki, and Ellsworth J. Welton
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ClimateWNA—High-Resolution Spatial Climate Data for Western North America

Tongli Wang, Andreas Hamann, David L. Spittlehouse, and Trevor Q. Murdock
Full access

A Global Land Cover Climatology Using MODIS Data

Patrick D. Broxton, Xubin Zeng, Damien Sulla-Menashe, and Peter A. Troch

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