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Volume 38, Issue 1

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The Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology (JTECH) publishes research describing instrumentation and methods used in atmospheric and oceanic research, including remote sensing instruments; measurements, validation, and data analysis techniques from satellites, aircraft, balloons, and surface-based platforms; in situ instruments, measurements, and methods for data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation and assimilation in numerical models; and information systems and algorithms.

ISSN: 0739-0572; eISSN: 1520-0426

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Luca Baldini, Italian National Research Council

William J. Emery, University of Colorado Boulder

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Polarimetric radar relations for estimation of visibility in aggregated snow

Petar Bukovčić, Alexander V. Ryzhkov, and Jacob T. Carlin
Restricted access

Automated Detection, Classification, and Tracking of Internal Wave Signatures using X-Band Radar in the Inner Shelf

Sean Celona, Sophia T. Merrifield, Tony de Paolo, Nate Kaslan, Tom Cook, Eric J. Terrill, and John A. Colosi
Restricted access

Compact Polarimetry Synthetic Aperture Radar Ocean Wind Retrieval: Model Development and Validation

Biao Zhang, Yiru Lu, William Perrie, Guosheng Zhang, and Alexis Mouche
Open access

Improved SSM/I thin ice algorithm with ice type discrimination in coastal polynyas

Haruhiko Kashiwase, Kay I. Ohshima, Kazuki Nakata, and Takeshi Tamura
Restricted access

Improved Precipitation Typing using POSS Spectral Modal Analysis

Brian E. Sheppard, Merhala Thurai, Peter Rodriguez, Patrick C. Kennedy, and David R. Hudak
Restricted access

Assessing Sensitivity of MERRA-2 to AMSU-A in the Upper Stratosphere

Mohar Chattopadhyay, Will McCarty, and Isaac Moradi
Restricted access

Changes in TOA SW Fluxes over Marine Clouds When Estimated via Semi-Physical Angular Distribution Models

F. Tornow, C. Domenech, J. N. S. Cole, N. Madenach, and J. Fischer
Restricted access

Modular, flexible, low-cost microstructure measurements: the Epsilometer

Arnaud Le Boyer, Matthew H. Alford, Nicole Couto, Michael Goldin, Sean Lastuka, Sara Goheen, San Nguyen, Andrew J. Lucas, and Tyler D. Hennon
Restricted access
Restricted access

Quantifying flow speeds by using microstructure shear and temperature spectral analysis

Shuang-Xi Guo, Xian-Rong Cen, Ling Qu, Yuan-Zheng Lu, Peng-Qi Huang, and Sheng-Qi Zhou
Restricted access

Quest over the Sampling Error of COSMIC Radio Occultation Temperature Climatologies

Zhen Shen, Kefei Zhang, Qimin He, Moufeng Wan, Longjiang Li, and Suqin Wu
Restricted access

Spatiotemporal lightning activity detected by WWLLN over Tibetan Plateau and its comparison with LIS lightning

Ruiyang Ma, Dong Zheng, Yijun Zhang, Wen Yao, Wenjuan Zhang, and Deqing Cuomu
Restricted access

Detection of SST fronts from high-resolution model and its preliminary results in the South China Sea

Shihe Ren, Xueming Zhu, Marie Drevillon, Hui Wang, Yunfei Zhang, Ziqing Zu, and Ang Li
Restricted access

How accurate are satellite-derived surface solar radiation products over tropical oceans?

Wenjun Tang, Kun Yang, Jun Qin, Jun Li, and Jiangang Ye
Restricted access
Restricted access

Advances in the Ocean Color component of the Aerosol Robotic Network (AERONET-OC)

Giuseppe Zibordi, Brent N. Holben, Marco Talone, Davide D’Alimonte, Ilya Slutsker, David M. Giles, and Mikhail G. Sorokin
Restricted access

Assimilating in situ and remote sensing observations in a highly variable estuary-shelf model

Wenfeng Lai, Jianping Gan, Ye Liu, Zhiqiang Liu, Jiping Xie, and Jiang Zhu
Restricted access

Objective analysis of SMOS and SMAP Sea Surface Salinity to reduce large scale and time dependent biases from low to high latitudes

Nicolas Kolodziejczyk, Mathieu Hamon, Jacqueline Boutin, Jean-Luc Vergely, Gilles Reverdin, Alexandre Supply, and Nicolas Reul
Restricted access
Restricted access

Data validation and mesoscale assimilation of Himawari-8 optimal cloud analysis products

Michiko Otsuka, Hiromu Seko, Masahiro Hayashi, and Ko Koizumi
Restricted access

CYGNSS Ocean Surface Wind Validation in the Tropics

Shakeel Asharaf, Duane E. Waliser, Derek J. Posselt, Christopher S. Ruf, Chidong Zhang, and Agie, W. Putra
Restricted access

Accurate pH and O2 measurements from Spray underwater gliders

Yuichiro Takeshita, Brent D. Jones, Kenneth S. Johnson, Francisco P. Chavez, Daniel L. Rudnick, Marguerite Blum, Kyle Conner, Scott Jensen, Jacqueline S. Long, Thom Maughan, Keaton L. Mertz, Jeffrey T. Sherman, and Joseph K. Warren
Restricted access

Phase Codes for Mitigating Ambiguities in Range and Velocity

Dusan Zrnic and David Schvartzman
Restricted access

Effect of acoustic Doppler velocimeter sampling volume size on measurements of turbulence

Mohammad Kazemi, Babak Khorsandi, and Laurent Mydlarski
Restricted access

Extreme Lake-Effect Snow from a GPM Microwave Imager Perspective: Observational Analysis and Precipitation Retrieval Evaluation

Lisa Milani, Mark S. Kulie, Daniele Casella, Pierre E. Kirstetter, Giulia Panegrossi, Veljko Petkovic, Sarah E. Ringerud, Jean-François Rysman, Paolo Sanò, Nai-Yu Wang, Yalei You, and Gail Skofronick-Jackson
Restricted access

Applications of Dynamic Land Surface Information for Passive Microwave Precipitation Retrieval

Sarah Ringerud, Christa Peters-Lidard, Joe Munchak, and Yalei You
Restricted access

Practical Considerations with Radar Data Height and Great Circle Distance Determination

Mark A. Askelson, Chris J. Theisen, and Randall S. Johnson
Restricted access

Wave anomaly detection in wave measurements

Joey J. Voermans, Alexander V. Babanin, Cagil Kirezci, Jonas T. Carvalho, Marcelo F. Santini, Bruna F. Pavani, and Luciano P. Pezzi
Restricted access

Adjusting ISCCP cloud detection to increase consistency of cloud amount and reduce artifacts

Kenneth R. Knapp, Alisa H. Young, Hilawe Semunegus, Anand K. Inamdar, and William Hankins
Restricted access

Conceptualizing the Impact of Dust Contaminated Infrared Radiances on Data Assimilation for Numerical Weather Prediction

Jared W. Marquis, Mayra I. Oyola, James R. Campbell, Benjamin C. Ruston, Carmen Córdoba-Jabonero, Emilio Cuevas, Jasper R. Lewis, Travis D. Toth, and Jianglong Zhang
Restricted access

Mapping altimetry in the forthcoming SWOT era by back-and-forth nudging a one-layer quasi-geostrophic model

Florian Le Guillou, Sammy Metref, Emmanuel Cosme, Julien Le Sommer, Clément Ubelmann, Jacques Verron, and Maxime Ballarotta
Restricted access

Measurement of small-scale surface velocity and turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rates using infrared imaging

Shelby Metoyer, Mohammad Barzegar, Darek Bogucki, Brian K. Haus, and Mingming Shao
Restricted access

Recent History of Upgrades to the U.S. National Lightning Detection Network

Martin J. Murphy, John A. Cramer, and Ryan K. Said
Restricted access

Automated Activity Estimation of the Cold-Water Coral Lophelia pertusa by Multispectral Imaging and Computational Pixel Classification

Hongbo Liu, Janina V. Büscher, Kevin Köser, Jens Greinert, Hong Song, Ying Chen, and Timm Schoening
Full access
Full access

Overview of the CALIPSO Mission and CALIOP Data Processing Algorithms

David M. Winker, Mark A. Vaughan, Ali Omar, Yongxiang Hu, Kathleen A. Powell, Zhaoyan Liu, William H. Hunt, and Stuart A. Young
Full access

The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Sensor Package

Christian Kummerow, William Barnes, Toshiaki Kozu, James Shiue, and Joanne Simpson
Full access

The CALIPSO Automated Aerosol Classification and Lidar Ratio Selection Algorithm

Ali H. Omar, David M. Winker, Mark A. Vaughan, Yongxiang Hu, Charles R. Trepte, Richard A. Ferrare, Kam-Pui Lee, Chris A. Hostetler, Chieko Kittaka, Raymond R. Rogers, Ralph E. Kuehn, and Zhaoyan Liu

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