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Authors Paul M. Markowski, Jerry M. Straka, Erik N. Rasmussen, and David O. Blanchard report a number of errors in their paper “Variability of Storm-Relative Helicity during VORTEX,” Monthly Weather Review, Vol. 126, No. 11, pp. 2959–2971.

Listed below is the text as it should have appeared.

On p. 2960, Eq. (1) should read as follows:
On p. 2961, left column, first paragraph, line 11, the definition of the streamwise horizontal vorticity should read as follows:
On p. 2961, left column, second paragraph, line 19, the term Δθr = 5°C should read as follows:

Also on p. 2961, top of right column, the text should read, “for SRH are most likely to be baroclinic generation and horizontal stretching with an order of magnitude of about 10−5 s−2.”

In addition, throughout the paper, citations for Rasmussen (1998, manuscript submitted to Wea. Forecasting) have changed to the following reference:

Rassmussen, E. N. and D. O. Blanchard, 1998: A baseline climatology of sounding-derived supercell and tornado forecast parameters. Wea. Forecasting, 13, 1148–1164.

Also throughout the paper, the citations for Richardson et al. (1998, manuscript submitted to Mon. Wea. Rev.) have changed to Rasmussen et al. (1999), with the following reference:

Rasmussen, E. N., S. J. Richardson, J. M. Straka, P. M. Markowski, and D. O. Blanchard, 1999: The association of significant tornadoes with a baroclinic boundary on 2 June 1995. Mon. Wea. Rev., in press.