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To adequately attend to the rising number of submissions to the Journal of Physical Oceanography (JPO), I welcome as a new additional editor Professor Mark Donelan, director of the Center for Air–Sea Interaction at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, at the University of Miami. Dr. Donelan will handle submissions on surface waves, air–sea interaction, and surface mixed layers. Submissions on low- and high-latitude oceanography and currents will be handled by Dr. Firing, submissions on intermediate- and small-scale oceanography by Dr. Müller, submissions on coastal oceanography and general circulation theory by Dr. Samelson, and submissions on midlatitude oceanography and water masses by Dr. Talley. (Please consult the inside cover of each JPO issue for an updated description of the subject areas of each JPO editor.)

The new editorial team continues to be committed to improving its service to JPO contributors. Its priority is to further shorten the review time.

Please let me know of any specific problems that you encounter in the review process, and of any specific suggestion you have for its improvement.