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Volume 51, Issue 3

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The Journal of Physical Oceanography (JPO) publishes research related to the physics of the ocean and to processes operating at its boundaries. Observational, theoretical, and modeling studies are all welcome, especially those that focus on elucidating specific physical processes. Papers that investigate interactions with other components of the Earth system (e.g., ocean–atmosphere, physical–biological, and physical–chemical interactions) as well as studies of other fluid systems (e.g., lakes and laboratory tanks) are also invited, as long as their focus is on understanding the ocean or its role in the Earth system.

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Jerome A. Smith, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

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On the role of bottom pressure torques in wind-driven gyres

Andrew L. Stewart, James C. McWilliams, and Aviv Solodoch
Open access

Deep-water warming in the Gulf of Mexico from 2003 to 2019.

José Ochoa, Vicente Ferreira-Bartrina, Julio Candela, Julio Sheinbaum, Manuel López, Paula Pérez-Brunius, Sharon Herzka, and Rainer M.W. Amon
Restricted access

High vertical shear and dissipation in equatorial topographic wakes

Kaushik Srinivasan, James C. McWilliams, and Arjun Jagannathan
Restricted access
Restricted access

Unravelling interactions between asymmetric tidal turbulence, residual circulation and salinity dynamics in short, periodically weakly stratified estuaries

Xiaoyan Wei, Henk M. Schuttelaars, Megan E. Williams, Jennifer M. Brown, Peter D. Thorne, and Laurent O. Amoudry
Restricted access

Intermittent frontogenesis in the Alboran Sea

Esther Capó, James C. McWilliams, Evan Mason, and Alejandro Orfila
Restricted access

Free and forced components of shoaling long waves in the absence of short wave breaking

Stephanie Contardo, Ryan J. Lowe, Jeff E. Hansen, Dirk P. Rijnsdorp, François Dufois, and Graham Symonds
Open access

Parameterizing non-propagating form drag over rough bathymetry

Jody M. Klymak, Dhruv Balwada, Alberto Naveira Garabato, and Ryan Abernathey
Restricted access

Impact of evaporation and precipitation on estuarine mixing

Marvin Lorenz, Knut Klingbeil, and Hans Burchard
Restricted access
Restricted access

An Idealised Model Study of Eddy Energetics in the Western Boundary ‘Graveyard’

Restricted access

Quantifying residual, eddy, and mean flow effects on mixing in an idealized circumpolar current

Kristin L. Zeiden, Jennifer A. MacKinnon, Matthew H. Alford, Daniel L. Rudnick, Gunnar Voet, and Hemantha Wijesekera
Restricted access
Restricted access

Structure of submesoscale fronts of the Mississippi River plume

Tao Wang, Roy Barkan, James C. McWilliams, and M. Jeroen Molemaker
Restricted access

Geometric Constraints on Glacial Fjord-Shelf Exchange

Ken X. Zhao, Andrew L. Stewart, and James C. McWilliams
Restricted access

Subtidal to supertidal variability of Reynolds stresses in a mid-latitude stratified inner-shelf

André Palóczy, Jennifer A. MacKinnon, and Amy F. Waterhouse
Restricted access

A modified finescale parameterization for turbulent mixing in the western equatorial Pacific

Chang-Rong Liang, Xiao-Dong Shang, Yong-Feng Qi, Gui-Ying Chen, and Ling-Hui Yu
Restricted access

Mixing and Transformation in a Deep Western Boundary Current: A Case Study

Carl P. Spingys, Alberto C. Naveira Garabato, Sonya Legg, Kurt L. Polzin, E. Povl Abrahamsen, Christian E. Buckingham, Alexander Forryan, and Eleanor E. Frajka-Williams
Restricted access

The Cyclonic Mode of Arctic Ocean Circulation

James Morison, Ron Kwok, Suzanne Dickinson, Roger Andersen, Cecilia Peralta-Ferriz, David Morison, Ignatius Rigor, Sarah Dewey, and John Guthrie
Restricted access

Near-inertial waves and turbulence driven by the growth of swell

Gregory L. Wagner, Gregory P. Chini, Ali Ramadhan, Basile Gallet, and Raffaele Ferrari
Restricted access

Skills and limitations of the adiabatic omega equation: how effective is it to retrieve oceanic vertical circulation at meso and submesoscale ?

Alice Pietri, Xavier Capet, Francesco d’Ovidio, Marina Levy, Julien Le Sommer, Jean-Marc Molines, and Hervé Giordani
Restricted access

Deep Eastern Boundary Currents: idealized models and dynamics

Xiaoting Yang, Eli Tziperman, and Kevin Speer
Restricted access

An 8-yr meteotsunami climatology across northwest Europe: 2010–2017

David A Williams, David M Schultz, Kevin J Horsburgh, and Chris W Hughes
Open access

How much Arctic fresh water participates in the subpolar overturning circulation?

Isabela Le Bras, Fiamma Straneo, Morven Muilwijk, Lars H. Smedsrud, Feili Li, M. Susan Lozier, and N. Penny Holliday
Restricted access
Restricted access

Overturning response to a surface wind stress doubling in an eddying and a non-eddying ocean

Veit Lüschow, Jochem Marotzke, and Jin-Song von Storch
Restricted access

Convection and heat transfer in island (warm) wakes

Cátia C. Azevedo, Carolina M. L. Camargo, José Alves, and Rui M. A. Caldeira
Restricted access
Restricted access

Evaluating Monin-Obukhov Scaling in the Unstable Oceanic Surface Layer

Zhihua Zheng, Ramsey R. Harcourt, and Eric A. D’Asaro
Restricted access

Numerical Simulations of Melt-Driven Double-Diffusive Fluxes in a Turbulent Boundary Layer beneath an Ice Shelf

Leo Middleton, Catherine A. Vreugdenhil, Paul R. Holland, and John R. Taylor
Restricted access

Intra-annual Rossby waves destabilization as a potential driver of Low-Latitude Zonal Jets – Barotropic dynamics

Audrey Delpech, Claire Ménesguen, Yves Morel, Leif Thomas, Frédéric Marin, Sophie Cravatte, and Sylvie Le Gentil
Restricted access

Energetics of a Rotating Wind-forced Horizontal Convection Model of a Reentrant Channel

Varvara E. Zemskova, Brian L. White, and Alberto Scotti

Volume 51 (2021): Issue 3 (Mar 2021)

Full access

On the Exchange of Momentum over the Open Ocean

James B. Edson, Venkata Jampana, Robert A. Weller, Sebastien P. Bigorre, Albert J. Plueddemann, Christopher W. Fairall, Scott D. Miller, Larry Mahrt, Dean Vickers, and Hans Hersbach
Full access

Global Patterns of Diapycnal Mixing from Measurements of the Turbulent Dissipation Rate

Amy F. Waterhouse, Jennifer A. MacKinnon, Jonathan D. Nash, Matthew H. Alford, Eric Kunze, Harper L. Simmons, Kurt L. Polzin, Louis C. St. Laurent, Oliver M. Sun, Robert Pinkel, Lynne D. Talley, Caitlin B. Whalen, Tycho N. Huussen, Glenn S. Carter, Ilker Fer, Stephanie Waterman, Alberto C. Naveira Garabato, Thomas B. Sanford, and Craig M. Lee
Full access

Satellite Observations of Mesoscale Eddy-Induced Ekman Pumping

Peter Gaube, Dudley B. Chelton, Roger M. Samelson, Michael G. Schlax, and Larry W. O’Neill
Full access

Energy Flux and Dissipation in Luzon Strait: Two Tales of Two Ridges

Matthew H. Alford, Jennifer A. MacKinnon, Jonathan D. Nash, Harper Simmons, Andy Pickering, Jody M. Klymak, Robert Pinkel, Oliver Sun, Luc Rainville, Ruth Musgrave, Tamara Beitzel, Ke-Hsien Fu, and Chung-Wei Lu

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