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Volume 37, Issue 1

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Weather and Forecasting (WAF) publishes research that is relevant to operational forecasting. This includes papers on significant weather events, forecasting techniques, forecast verification, model parameterizations, data assimilation, model ensembles, statistical postprocessing techniques, the transfer of research results to the forecasting community, and the societal use and value of forecasts. The scope of WAF includes research relevant to forecast lead times ranging from short-term “nowcasts” through seasonal time scales out to approximately two years.

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Gary Lackmann, North Carolina State University

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Weather and Forecasting moves to monthly publication schedule in 2022

AMS Publications is happy to announce that Weather and Forecasting (WAF), now entering its 37th year as one of AMS’s leading journals, will be moving to a monthly publication schedule starting with the January 2022 issue.

Founded in 1986, WAF was published quarterly until moving to a six-issue-per-year bimonthly journal in 1999. Its progress to a monthly publication reflects the growing page count and popularity it enjoys, and is a testament to its enduring value to the research and operational forecasting community.

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Satellite-based nowcasting of West African mesoscale storms has skill at up to four hours lead time

R. R. Burton, A. M. Blyth, Z. Cui, J. Groves, B. L. Lamptey, J. K. Fletcher, J.H. Marsham, D. J. Parker, and A. Roberts
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Exploring the differences in SPC convective outlook interpretation using categorical and numeric information

Makenzie J. Krocak, Joseph T. Ripberger, Sean Ernst, Carol L. Silva, and Hank C. Jenkins-Smith
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Exploring the Usefulness of Downscaling Free Forecasts from the Warn-on-Forecast System

William J. S. Miller, Corey K. Potvin, Montgomery L. Flora, Burkely T. Gallo, Louis J. Wicker, Thomas A. Jones, Patrick S. Skinner, Brian Matilla, and Kent H. Knopfmeier
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High-resolution NWP forecast precipitation comparison over complex terrain of the Sierras de Córdoba during RELAMPAGO-CACTI.

Gimena Casaretto, Maria Eugenia Dillon, Paola Salio, Yanina García Skabar, Stephen W. Nesbitt, Russ S. Schumacher, Carlos Marcelo García, and Carlos Catalini
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The ability of the ICE-T microphysics scheme in HARMONIE-AROME to predict aircraft icing

Bjørg Jenny Kokkvoll Engdahl, Tim Carlsen, Morten Køltzow, and Trude Storelvmo
Open access

Freezing fraction in freezing rain

Kathleen F. Jones
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Comparing partial and continuously cycling ensemble Kalman filter data assimilation systems for convection-allowing ensemble forecast initialization

Craig S. Schwartz, Jonathan Poterjoy, Jacob R. Carley, David C. Dowell, Glen S. Romine, and Kayo Ide
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Using Artificial Neural Networks to Improve CFS Week 3-4 Precipitation and 2-Meter Air Temperature Forecasts

Yun Fan, Vladimir Krasnopolsky, Huug van den Dool, Chung-Yu Wu, and Jon Gottschalck

Most cited articles since 1990:

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Convective Modes for Significant Severe Thunderstorms in the Contiguous United States. Part I: Storm Classification and Climatology

Bryan T. Smith, Richard L. Thompson, Jeremy S. Grams, Chris Broyles, and Harold E. Brooks
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Convective Modes for Significant Severe Thunderstorms in the Contiguous United States. Part II: Supercell and QLCS Tornado Environments

Richard L. Thompson, Bryan T. Smith, Jeremy S. Grams, Andrew R. Dean, and Chris Broyles
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Verification of Convection-Allowing WRF Model Forecasts of the Planetary Boundary Layer Using Sounding Observations

Michael C. Coniglio, James Correia Jr., Patrick T. Marsh, and Fanyou Kong
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Lightning and Severe Weather: A Comparison between Total and Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Trends

Christopher J. Schultz, Walter A. Petersen, and Lawrence D. Carey
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An Objective High-Resolution Hail Climatology of the Contiguous United States

John L. Cintineo, Travis M. Smith, Valliappa Lakshmanan, Harold E. Brooks, and Kiel L. Ortega
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Toward Improving High-Resolution Numerical Hurricane Forecasting: Influence of Model Horizontal Grid Resolution, Initialization, and Physics

Sundararaman G. Gopalakrishnan, Stanley Goldenberg, Thiago Quirino, Xuejin Zhang, Frank Marks Jr., Kao-San Yeh, Robert Atlas, and Vijay Tallapragada

Most read articles since December 2020:

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20 May 2013 Moore, Oklahoma, Tornado: Damage Survey and Analysis

Donald Burgess, Kiel Ortega, Greg Stumpf, Gabe Garfield, Chris Karstens, Tiffany Meyer, Brandon Smith, Doug Speheger, Jim Ladue, Rick Smith, and Tim Marshall
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Through the Eyes of the Experts: Meteorologists’ Perceptions of the Probability of Precipitation

Alan E. Stewart, Castle A. Williams, Minh D. Phan, Alexandra L. Horst, Evan D. Knox, and John A. Knox
Full access

Vulnerability due to Nocturnal Tornadoes

Walker S. Ashley, Andrew J. Krmenec, and Rick Schwantes
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Convective Modes for Significant Severe Thunderstorms in the Contiguous United States. Part I: Storm Classification and Climatology

Bryan T. Smith, Richard L. Thompson, Jeremy S. Grams, Chris Broyles, and Harold E. Brooks

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