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Research Article July 13 2020
Skill of seasonal rainfall and temperature forecasts for East Africa
Research Article July 13 2020
Assessment of ECMWF subseasonal temperature predictions for an anomalously cold week followed by an anomalously warm week in central and southeastern South America during July 2017
Research Article July 9 2020
Two Ensemble Approaches for Forecasting Sulfur Dioxide Concentrations From Kīlauea Volcano.
Research Article July 9 2020
Ensemble variability in rainfall forecasts of Hurricane Irene (2011)
Research Article July 7 2020
A comparison of tropical cyclone genesis forecast verification from three Global Forecast System (GFS) operational configurations
Research Article July 6 2020
The relationship between the Madden-Julian Oscillation and tropical cyclone rapid intensification
Research Article July 6 2020
Evaluation of IMERG-E Precipitation Estimates for Fire Weather Applications in Alaska
Research Article July 1 2020
Forecasts of Hurricanes using Large-Ensemble Outputs
Research Article June 23 2020
An Analysis of an Ostensible Anticyclonic Tornado from 9 May 2016 Using High-Resolution, Rapid-Scan Radar Data
Research Article June 16 2020
Synoptic-Scale Environments and Precipitation Morphologies of Tornado Outbreaks from Quasi-Linear Convective Systems in the United Kingdom
Research Article June 16 2020
Seasonal forecast of early summer rainfall at stations in South China using statistical downscaling model
Research Article June 15 2020
The 23 June 2016 West Virginia Flash Flood Event as Observed Through Two Hydrometeorology Testbed Experiments
Research Article June 8 2020
A Consensus Approach for Estimating Tropical Cyclone Intensity from Meteorological Satellites: SATCON
Research Article June 8 2020
A Synoptic Climatology of Spring Dryline Convection in the Southern Great Plains
Research Article June 5 2020
The Lightning and Dual-Polarization Radar Characteristics of Three Hail-Accumulating Thunderstorms
Research Article June 3 2020
Generating Probabilistic Next-Day Severe Weather Forecasts from Convection-Allowing Ensembles Using Random Forests
Research Article April 16 2020
Sensitivities of the WRF Lightning Forecasting Algorithm to Parameterized Microphysics and Boundary Layer Schemes
Research Article April 15 2020
A Rapid Forecasting and Mapping System of Storm Surge and Coastal Flooding
Research Article March 16 2020
Improving Air Quality Predictions over the United States with an Analog Ensemble
Research Article February 25 2020
Development of a Probabilistic Subfreezing Road Temperature Nowcast and Forecast Using Machine Learning
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