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Research Article October 27 2020
Near-ground wind profiles of tornadic and nontornadic environments in the United States and Europe from ERA5 reanalyses
Research Article October 26 2020
Subseasonal prediction with and without a well-represented stratosphere in CESM1
Research Article October 26 2020
Adaptation of the Predicted Particles Properties (P3) microphysics scheme for large-scale numerical weather prediction
Research Article October 22 2020
A deep-learning model for automated detection of intense mid-latitude convection using geostationary satellite images
Research Article October 22 2020
Improving radar based precipitation nowcasts with machine learning using an approach based on random forest
Research Article October 13 2020
Improved Prediction of Landfalling Tropical Cyclone in China Based on Assimilation of Radar Radial Winds with New Super-Observation Processing
Research Article October 7 2020
WSR-88D Tornado Intensity Estimates. Part I: Real-Time Probabilities of Peak Tornado Wind Speeds
Research Article October 7 2020
WSR-88D Tornado Intensity Estimates. Part II: Real-Time Applications to Tornado Warning Timescales
Research Article October 2 2020
Using ZDR Columns in Forecaster Conceptual Models and Warning Decision Making
Research Article September 30 2020
Effects of Horizontal Grid Spacing and Inflow Environment on Forecasts of Cyclic Mesocyclogenesis in NSSL’s Warn-on-Forecast System (WoFS)
Research Article September 29 2020
Updraft-based adaptive assimilation of radial velocity observations in a Warn-on-Forecast system
Research Article September 29 2020
Cloud Resolving Model Applied to Nowcasting: An Evaluation of Radar Data Assimilation and Microphysics Parameterization
Research Article September 28 2020
Wind ramp events validation in NWP forecast models during the second Wind Forecast Improvement Project (WFIP2) using the Ramp Tool and Metric (RT&M)
Research Article September 17 2020
Skill of Global Raw and Postprocessed Ensemble Predictions of Rainfall in the Tropics
Research Article September 16 2020
Seasonal Forecast Skill of ENSO Teleconnection Maps
Research Article August 4 2020
SWRL Net: a spectral, residual deep learning model for improving short-term wave forecasts
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